EA Sports have released a new FIFA 23 objective that requires players to use a specific jersey, the Extravaganza Home kit, while completing objectives.

Being asked to use a specific cosmetic is not new when it comes to FIFA objectives, but in this case, finding this kit is proving a little tricky for some players.

If you are having trouble locating where to get your hands on the FIFA 23 Extravaganza Home kit, look no further than this article.

Where to Find the Extravaganza Home Kit in FIFA 23

The Extravaganza Home kit can only be found in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team store under the “Season 7 Items” tab.

Unfortunately, players looking to get their hands on this jersey must purchase it. The kit will cost players one of the following options:

  • 75,000 FUT Coins
  • 850 FIFA Points
fifa 23 extravaganza kit in the store

There is currently no option to buy 850 FIFA Points on its own, so if you do not have any spare, you will have to purchase the 1,050 Points bundle. This will set players back:

  • €9.99 – (€8.99 with EA Play)
  • $9.99 – ($8.99 with EA Play)
  • £8.99 – (£8.09 with EA Play)

Extravaganza Home Objectives

  • Play Extravaganza: Play 4 matches in any FUT Game mode with Extravaganza Home Kit Equipped.
  • Win Extravaganza: Win 2 matches in any FUT Game mode with Extravaganza Home Kit Equipped.
  • Score Extravaganza: Score 15 Goals in any FUT Game mode with Extravaganza Home Kit Equipped. 

For each objective, you will earn 1,000 XP and if you complete all three, you will receive the group reward of 3,000 XP.

FIFA 23 Extravaganza home objectives

How to Equip the FIFA 23 Extravaganza Home Kit

After purchasing the Extravaganza Home kit, to equip it, you must:

  • Navigate to the “Club” tab.
  • Select “Stadium.”
  • Select “Club”
  • Go down to “Home Kit” or “Away Kit” and select it.
  • Scroll through your kits until you find the Extravaganze Home kit.
  • Select the kit and it will now be your Home or Away kit in-game.
Equip kits in FIFA 23
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