If you want to look like a Barbarian and have some increased attack power in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then there’s a perfect armor set for you!

Each of the three pieces give you an Attack Increase and have 3 defense each, which is exactly the same as the fan-favorite Fierce Deity Armor, but doesn’t quite match the hard-to-get Phantom Armor.

Luckily, tracking down all of the Barbarian Armor set in TOTK is easy once you know where to find each piece!

How to Get All Barbarian Armor Pieces in Zelda: TOTK

There are three pieces of the Barbarian Armor set to collect in The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and they are all relatively simple to find. This is even the case if you have only just started the game.

However, to save you some time and help you track down each location easily, we suggest you activate every Skyview Tower in TOTK first!

Barbarian Armor

The Barbarian Armor can be found very early during TOTK as it is located within Crenel Hills Cave, a short trip northeast of Lookout Landing. However, you must beware of the Stone Talus!

  • Head northeast from Lookout Landing to Crenel Hills Cave at map coordinates (0487, 0731, 0041).
Crenel Hills Cave Location TOTK
  • Enter the cave and head to the northeast wall.
  • Avoid going to the center unless you want to battle the huge Stone Talus boss.
TOTK Stone Talus Crenel Hills Cave
  • Look up, and on the wall, you should see some luminous ore.
  • Use Fuse to attach a Bomb Flower to an arrow and shoot it at the ore to destroy it and open up a cave.
    • If you don’t have a Bomb Flower, there should be one just below the glowing ore.
Luminous Ore Crennel Hills Cave
  • Climb up into the cave, and you will see a chest.
  • Open the chest to get the Barbarian Armor.
Barbarian Armor Chest TOTK

Barbarian Leg Wraps

The Barbarian Leg Wraps are pretty easy to find, as they are very close to the west entrance of Walnot Mountain Cave. However, you will need to have some way of melting ice, like some wood and flint or a fire weapon.

You may also need to bring along an Energizing Elixir if you haven’t upgraded your stamina yet.

  • Head to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and jump off the hill to the east, towards the small pond.
  • On the east side of the pond, at coordinates (3930, -2068, 0129), head inside the west entrance to Walnot Mountain Cave.
TOTK west entrance of Walnot Mountain Cave Map
  • Run inside and jump down to the lower level.
    • You can fight or ignore the Horriblins crawling on the ceiling.
  • Keep running forward until you get to a large stalactite hanging from the ceiling.
Stalagtite Walnot Mountain Cave
  • Once you are at the stalactite, turn left, and you should see a small cave in the wall.
  • Climb up into the cave, and you’ll see a chest.
    • If you run out of stamina, use an Energizing Elixir to replenish it and help you climb to the top.
TOTK Barbarian Leg Wraps Cave
  • Open the chest to get the Barbarian Leg Wraps.
Barbarian Leg Wraps TOTK

While you’re in Walnmot Mountain Cave, we suggest you look for some rare ores. After all, it is one of the best places to find diamonds in Tears of the Kingdom!

Barbarian Helm

The Barbarian Helm is the hardest piece of the set to find, as you’ll have to follow a very specific path through Robred Dropoff Cave to get it.

  • Go to Robred Dropoff Cave, which is located in a valley right in the middle of Kakariko Village and Hateno Village.
    • The map coordinates are: (2492, -1472, 0013)
Robred Dropoff Cave Location TOTK
  • Head into the cave, and you’ll come to a large room with three statues.
TOTK Robred Dropoff Cave Statue Room 1
  • Follow the path where the statues are looking to go in the correct direction.
    • You can tell you’re going the right way if you see banners on the walls.
TOTK Robred Dropoff Cave Banners
  • You will then come to another room, this time with more statues.
  • There will be a group of three statues – one large and two small. Once again, they are looking in the direction you need to go.
  • Break through the rocks to uncover the path and follow it to the next room.
    • There will also be banners on the wall on this path, indicating you’re heading to the Barbarian Helm.
TOTK Robred Dropoff Cave Statue Room 2
  • The next room you get to will be full of Moblins.
    • You can kill them or simply run past them.
  • Smash through the floor of rocks in the center of the room.
    • The easiest way to do this is by dropping one of the explosive barrels in the room onto the rocks and setting it alight by throwing or shooting a Fire Fruit at it.
  • Jump down the hole created by breaking the rocks, and you will land in some water.
TOTK Robred Dropoff Cave Destroy Rocks Moblin Room
  • Follow the path along until you reach the final room of statues.
  • On the right, there will be three statues.
  • Stand right in front of them and use Ascend to get into the room above.
TOTK Robred Dropoff Cave Statue Room 3
  • After using Ascend, you will be in a room with a chest in it.
  • Open the chest to claim the Barbarian Helm.
TOTK Barbarian Helm

Now that you know how to get the Barbarian Armor in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be ready to defeat monsters with increased attack power. However, you may want some other armor sets for exploring Hyrule.

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