With Season 1 of MW3 and Warzone well underway, players are treated to even more content with the release of the Arsoniste skin and Combat Pack as an exclusive free download for PS Plus subscribers.

The Combat Pack includes an assortment of new goodies to get stuck into, including a cool new Arsoniste Skin for the PlayStation-exclusive Lockpick Operator.

Find out exactly what the MW3 Season 1 Combat Pack entails and how to get your hands on it below!

Arsene-iste Combat Pack contents in MW3 Season 1

How to Get Arsoniste Skin & Combat Pack

To get the Arsoniste Skin & Combat Pack, you must download it as a free Add-On from the PlayStation Store.

Follow these steps to get the free Arsoniste skin and Combat Pack for MW3 Season 1 on PlayStation:

You must be subscribed to PlayStation Plus to gain access to the Arsene-iste Combat Pack.
  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console and head over to the PlayStation Store
  2. Go to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 section
MW3 in PlayStation Store
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Free Arsene-iste Combat Pack
    • You can find it under “Add-Ons”
MW3 Add-Ons in PlayStation Store
  1. Press “Add to Library”
Arsene-iste Combat Pack for MW3 Season 1 in Playstation Store
  1. Head into the Call of Duty launcher
    • Once there, select MW3 Multiplayer
MW3 Multiplayer in the Call of Duty Launcher selection screen
  1. Go into the Weapons section to check out the new Weapon Blueprints for the AR and BR
    • Head over to the Gunsmith for the Holger 556 and the MTZ-762 to check out their Blueprints
    • Go to the Customize tab to see the new Sticker and Weapon Charm that comes with the Combat Pack
Holger 556 Fiery Curiosity Blueprint from Arsene-iste Combat Pack in Gunsmith screen in MW3
  1. Press the Options button and go to your profile page on the far right to see and edit your Calling Card and Emblem
    • You can access the new cosmetics here!
Edit Emblem option in character profile screen in MW3

All Cosmetics in the Season 1 Combat Pack

Here’s everything included in the free Arsene-iste Combat Pack for MW3 Season 1. You can make use of all of these cosmetics in MW3 multiplayer and Warzone:

  • Arsoniste Skin – Lockpick Operator Skin
Arsoniste Skin in MW3
  • Fiery Curiosity – AR Blueprint for the Holger 556
Fiery Curiosity Blueprint in MW3
  • Burning Michaux – BR Blueprint for the MTZ-762
Burning Michaux Blueprint in MW3
  • Passion Igniter – Weapon Charm
Passion Igniter Weapon Igniter in MW3
  • Light Your Outer Fire – Emblem
Light Your Outer Fire Emblem in MW3
  • Dante’s Incendiary – Sticker
Dante's Incendiary Sticker in MW3
  • The Tinker – Calling Card
The Tinker Calling Card in MW3
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