The Electric-type Tadbulb has arrived in Pokemon GO – here’s how you can catch one!

Tadbulb, as well as its evolution, Bellibolt, have come to Pokemon GO during the 2023 Festival of Lights event. Like with all new Pokemon, every player wants to add them to their Pokedex.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to catch Tadbulb during this event. This means it should be fairly simple to get a Tadbulb and earn enough Candy to evolve it into Bellibolt before the Festival of Lights ends!

Every Way to Catch Tadbulb in the 2023 Festival of Lights

There are four ways to catch Tadbulb during the Pokemon GO Festival of Lights event:

  1. Find a wild Tadbulb
  2. Attract a Tadbulb using Incense
  3. Complete one of the following Field Research Tasks to earn a Tadbulb encounter:
    • ‘Hatch 2 Eggs’
    • ‘Spin 10 PokeStops’ (could also give you Morelull)
  4. Complete the ‘Explore 5km’ task in the Festival of Lights Timed Research
Pokemon GO 2023 Festival of Lights

All of these methods will let you catch Tadbulb until the Festival of Lights event ends at 8 PM local time on November 12, 2023.

How to Evolve Tadbulb into Bellibolt

To evolve Tadbulb into Bellibolt in Pokemon GO, you need 50 Tadbulb Candy.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to collect that amount of Tadbulb Candy quickly, especially if you boost how much Candy you earn. Feeding Tadbulb Pinap Berries or Mega Evolving an Electric-type Pokemon will increase how much Candy you earn every time you catch a Tadbulb!

Evolving Tadbulb is currently the only way to get Bellibolt in Pokemon GO. This is because Bellibolt does not spawn in the wild and there is no way to earn an encounter with it.

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