You can get a boost at the start of races in Rocket Racing in Fortnite, and it’s easier than you’d think to nail it every time.

If you’re wondering why other racers are speeding off into the sunset before you’re even crossing the starting line, it’s because of Rocket Racing’s start boost feature.

Like in Mario Kart, players can time their acceleration to get a significant boost at the start of each race. However, those overly familiar with Nintendo’s iconic racing game may not realize that the feature works a little differently in Rocket Racing.

How to Get 100% Start Boost

To get the best possible start boost (100%), you need to press accelerate (R2/RT) at the exact moment that the green light appears in the Fortnite Rocket Racing start lights.

Starting Lights in Rocket Racing Fortnite

Unlike Mario Kart, which requires players to start accelerating before the starting signal, Rocket Racing wants players to react as fast as possible when the light turns green.

The more precise your timing, the higher the boost percentage you’ll get – and the better your start to the race overall.

However, Fortnite won’t tell you whether you were too early or too late with your timing!

Starting Boosts in Fortnite Rocket Racing
Bad Timing (Left) vs Good Timing (Right)

The best trick to help you nail this timing is to watch the speed of the red lights as they turn on. The timing between each light will remain the same, allowing you to predict exactly when the green light will arrive.

However, you won’t just be able to muscle-memory the start boost in Rocket Racing. After all, each race will change how fast the lights start up, requiring you to adjust your timing.

The Best Way to Practice

If you want to practice getting the 100% start boost in Fortnite Rocket Racing, you’ll want to head into Practice mode.

To do this:

  1. Open Fortnite
  2. Head to Rocket Racing
  3. Change the Game Mode from Ranked Racing to a track of your choice
How to Do Private Rocket Racing Matches
  1. While choosing the track, change the lobby from Public to Private in the top right
  2. Then, load into your private match!

You can quickly and easily load private games of Rocket Racing without waiting for other players.

And not only will this give you the chance to practice the mode’s trickiest tracks – it’s also a great way to practice getting that 100% starting boost!

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