Starfield officially heads to Game Pass on September 6th and as a subscriber, there is a cheaper way to obtain Early Access than buying the pricier Premium Edition. Using this method will grant you access as early as August 31st!

This trick does come at a cost. However, since it uses Game Pass, you’ll ultimately pay a lot less than those who are purchasing the Starfield Premium Edition directly.

Here is how to get Starfield Early Access with Game Pass to give you the most out of your space exploration without breaking the bank.

How to Get Starfield Early Access with Game Pass

To get Starfield Early Access and play the game up to five days earlier, you can subscribe to Game Pass and purchase the Premium Edition Upgrade in the Xbox Store for £34.99/$34.99.

If you pre-order it before Starfield’s official release on September 6, 2023, then you can get the Premium Edition Upgrade for a discounted price of £31.99/$31.99.

This is by far the best and cheapest option to enjoy Starfield for any Xbox Game Pass subscriber. It allows you to play the base edition but still participate in Early Access.

Players who get this upgrade will also be given access to various other in-game rewards, including:

  • Shattered Space Story Expansion
  • Constellation Skin Pack: Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, and Boost Pack
  • Starfield Digital Artbook & Original Soundtrack
  • Old Mars Skin Pack
  • 5 Day Early Access
Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade

However, it isn’t really a trick since it was already confirmed by Bethesda themselves on their official support website.

The developer states that any player who has access to the base game, which is included with Xbox Game Pass, can purchase and use the Premium Edition Upgrade.

If you don’t want to purchase the Premium Edition Upgrade, then you’ll need to wait until September 6, 2023, before you can begin your space adventure with the Constellation.

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