If you’ve seen the futuristic Starborn Guardian ship start to appear in the Starfield storyline, here’s how to get it for yourself!

Ships in Starfield are a major part of the game, whether you’re still rocking The Frontier, stealing an enemy’s vessel, or saving to build your perfect spacecraft.

But there’s one ship that’s just a little unique in Starfield – the Starborn Guardian. Here’s everything you need to know about the Starborn ship in Starfield, including how to get your hands on it.

Minor spoilers ahead for Starfield. We won't go into story details but those looking to avoid all spoilers may want to avoid reading on.

How to Get the Starborn Ship in Starfield

To get the futuristic Starborn Guardian Ship in Starfield, you must complete the game’s campaign and enter New Game+ mode.

At the start of Starfield’s New Game+, you’ll begin the story all over again, but you’ll gain new Starborn Armor and the Starborn Guardian Ship.

The Starborn Guardian is a completely unique ship in Starfield, with excellent stats and almost 1000 Cargo storage right from the get-go.

Starborn Guardian Ship in Starfield

When you’re using it, NPCs will often make comments about how they’ve never seen anything like it, though sadly it only sells for a small amount of credits.

Each time you begin New Game Plus again, you’ll get a new Starborn Guardian with slightly improved stats. Here’s what our first ship’s stats looked like:

ReactorClass A – 23
Crew Capacity5
Jump Distance30 LY
Sol Lasers24
Hull 649

Can You Steal Starborn Ships?

No, you’re not able to steal Starborn ships in Starfield as you can’t enter them either on the ground or after disabling their engines in space combat.

Interestingly, some players report that they have been able to steal Starborn ships as soon as they appeared in the campaign.

However, this is due to a glitch, as the ship doors are meant to read ‘Inaccessible’ to players who approach them, and docking is impossible.

Is the Starborn Ship Good in Starfield?

Generally, yes, the Starborn Guardian is a much better starter ship than The Frontier in Starfield. It boasts decent weaponry, nice shields, and excellent cargo storage for a beginner ship.

Starborn Guardian Ship Cockpit in Starfield

On top of that, it’s a Class A ship that allows you 5 Crew slots. But as a trade-off, you cannot customize the vessel whatsoever.

Because of this, there’s no way to improve the Starborn Guardian, which leaves it outclassed by any custom ship.

And while it’s extremely cool, with a transparent cockpit and futuristic technology, the ship’s internals are rather bland. There are no rooms to explore, no Captain’s Quarters to rest up in – what you see is what you get.

Ultimately, the Starborn Guardian is one of Starfield’s most stylish ships, but it falls short of being one of the best.

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