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How to Get SP in Fire Emblem Engage

To get SP in Fire Emblem Engage, players need to equip a unit with an Emblem Ring or Bond Ring and then have it defeat enemies in combat.

A quick way to earn Skill Points is to create Bond Rings for your whole army, or use Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice ability to earn a massive amount all at once.

SP (or Skill Points) are an important resource for those players that want to inherit powerful skills from Emblem Rings.

Although each unit starts with a few hundred SP, equipping them with an Emblem Ring will allow them to gain more through defeating enemies. Here’s how to get your hands on every Emblem Ring in Engage!

These points can then be spent at the Ring Chamber in the Somniel to inherit skills from an Emblem Ring hero.

Ring Chamber in Fire Emblem Engage

Easiest Way to Grind SP in Fire Emblem Engage

The fastest way to get SP is to equip all characters you want to gain SP with an Emblem Ring or Bond Ring.

Bond Rings can be formed at the Ring Chamber for 100 Bond Points and each unit holding a ring will earn SP for defeating enemies.

To create a Bond Ring, simply approach the Ring Chamber Pedestal and choose Create Bond Rings. Each Emblem you create rings from will make bands representing different past Fire Emblem heroes.

Make sure you know how to recruit all units in Fire Emblem Engage as soon as possible so you can get them grinding for Skill Points!

How to Create Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Remember that SP are gained after your Synced unit lands the last hit on an enemy. However, a unit doesn’t have to be actively Engaged to earn SP, only equipped with the Emblem or Bond Ring.

Be sure to swap around your Emblem Rings when you’ve inherited all the skills you want with one unit to maximize your SP-earning potential.

It’s worth noting that making Donations to kingdoms at the Café Terrace Bulletin Board is also worthwhile. This is because it increases the chances of Silver Corrupted appearing during Skirmishes.

How to Donate to Kingdom Fire Emblem Engage

Silver Corrupted will net players far more SP than regular enemies when defeated, and they’ll also offer some bonus XP. Be sure to finish them off with an Emblem Ring-wielding unit!

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Fastest Way to Get SP Trick

The fastest way to get SP in Fire Emblem Engage is by using Micaiah’s Emblem Ring ability ‘Great Sacrifice’.

This skill, which can be activated when Engaged with Micaiah, heals all allied units at once and gains SP for each one healed.

Micaiah Great Sacrifice Fire Emblem Engage

Using it at an opportune moment can net up to 150 SP in a single turn!

What’s more, by using Celica’s Level 8 Inheritance Skill ‘Favorite Food’, Micaiah’s Engage Meter can be immediately maxed out, allowing you to cast ‘Great Sacrifice’ a second time!

Celica Favorite Food Skill - Fastest Way to Earn SP

How to Use SP to Inherit Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

To inherit a skill from an Emblem, first you’ll need to increase the Bond between the Emblem Hero and its wielder through battle and by polishing their ring in the Ring Chamber.

Once at Bond level 5, you’ll unlock the ability to use the Ring Chamber to Inherit Skills.

Simply head to the center pedestal and interact with it, then choose Inherit Skills.

How to Inherit Skills Fire Emblem Engage

If the unit has sufficient SP, and a high enough Bond level with an Emblem, they’ll be able to acquire a chosen skill.

Then, by pressing + and selecting the Inventory menu, you can choose a unit and choose ‘Manage Skills’. You can only have 2 inherited skills active at any one time, so choose wisely based on the character’s strengths.

Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

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