The Rubber Armor is perfect if you need some Shock Resistance in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

As you adventure across Hyrule, you’ll come across many elemental enemies, but they don’t come any more annoying than Shock. After all, being electrocuted causes you to drop your weapons!

Luckily, there is an armor set you can get almost straight away that greatly increases your Shock Resistance!

How to Get All Rubber Armor Pieces in Tears of the Kingdom

To get all three of the Rubber Armor pieces in Tears of the Kingdom, you must explore and find them in Whistling Hill Caves, Sarjon Cave, and Horon Lagoon Cave.

You can get all three as soon as you set foot in Hyrule at the start of the game. However, picking them up requires quite a lot of swimming, so we recommend upgrading your stamina, bringing along some stamina-replenishing items, or wearing the Zora Armor while you swim!

Rubber Armor

The Rubber Armor chest piece is located in Whistling Hill Caves. This is east of Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and just north of Teniten Shrine, at coordinates (-0069, -1047, 0020).

Whistling Hill Cave Location TOTK
  • Head to the entrance of Whistling Hill Caves and use a hammer or bomb arrow to break the rock wall.
Whistling Hills Cave Zelda TOTK
  • Go down into the cave and head straight forward until you see some vines.
  • Use a sword to destroy two sets of vines and then drop down the hole.
  • Defeat the three skeletal Bokoblins.
  • Up on the left, you will see a path.
    • Climb up to get to it.
TOTK Whistling Hills Cave Path
  • Head along the path, either defeating or avoiding the Like Like along the way.
    • Shoot the Like Like’s tongue to stun it, making it easy to kill.
TOTK Whistling Hills Cave Like Like
  • Smash through the next rock wall to get to a chamber full of water with an Electric Like Like in it.
  • Avoid standing in the puddles as the Like Like shoots balls of electricity at you.
TOTK Whistling Hills Cave Wall to Electric Like Like
  • When you get the chance, shoot its tongue to stun the Electric Like Like and defeat it.
  • Destroy the rock wall behind it, and you’ll see a chest.
Electric Like Like Whistling Hills Cave
  • Open the chest to get the Rubber Armor.
Rubber Armor TOTK

Rubber Helm

You can find the Rubber Helm within Sarjon Cave. This is in the east of Faron at coordinates (12204, -3167, 0028).

Getting this armor piece is much easier if you have some stamina-replenishing items or the Zora Armor, as you have to do a lot of swimming.

Sarjon Cave Location TOTK
  • Head to the entrance of Sarjon Cave and cut through the vines blocking the entrance with a sword.
  • Float down the river inside the cave.
    • If you have it, make sure to equip the Zora Armor – this will make swimming down the river much easier.
      • Cut through or avoid the vines blocking the path.
      • If your stamina gets low, swim to the side and take a break while your stamina replenishes, or use consume some stamina meals or elixirs.
TOTK Sarjon Cave River
  • Defeat the Electric Horriblins climbing on the walls and ceiling.
    • The easiest way to do this is by shooting them with a bow so they fall into the water.
Electric Horriblin Sarjon Cave TOTK
  • Along the river, you will see some logs on a ledge on the side. Make a raft so you can float downstream without drowning or using stamina items.
TOTK Sarjon Cave Logs
  • Continue downstream, and there will be a Like Like on the left. You can either kill it or try to avoid it.
TOTK Sarjon Cave Like Like
  • Destroy and pass through the final vine wall, and you will reach a waterfall with a Bubbulfrog on the wall.
    • Shoot the Bubbulfrog and go down the waterfall to pick up the Bubbul Gem and continue towards the Rubber Helm.
  • Head to the end of the passage, and you will see a chest.
TOTK Rubber Helm Chest
  • Open the chest to get the Rubber Helm.
Rubber Helm Zelda TOTK

Rubber Tights

The Rubber Tights are located in Horon Lagoon Cave, to the southeast of East Reservoir Lake in Lanayru. You can find this armor piece inside the cave at the coordinates (4239, -0264, 0004).

TOTK Horon Lagoon Cave Location
  • Jump down through the hole of the cave in the north of Horon Lagoon.
TOTK Horon Lagoon Cave Entrance
  • Head south, down the river.
    • Equip the Zora armor if you have it – this will make swimming easier.
      • Don’t miss the Bubbulfrog on the wall just as you start heading down the river.
TOTK Horon Lagoon Cave Swimming
  • Pick up a bomb flower on the wall of the cave if you don’t have one already.
    • This is where you may need to use a stamina-replenishing elixir or meal if you begin to run out of stamina.
TOTK Bomb FLower Wall
  • Swim around the back of the rock with spikes on it to climb up.
    • Beware the spikes below the water as you swim – when the water level lowers, they will damage you.
TOTK Horon Lagoon Cave Spike Rock
  • Shoot the rock wall to the south with a bomb arrow to break it.
TOTK Horon Lagoon Cave Rock Wall
  • Climb through the hole where the wall was, and you’ll see a chest.
TOTK Rubber Tights Chest Location
  • Open the chest to get the Rubber Tights.
Rubber Tights TOTK

Now that you’ve got the complete Rubber Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll be able to resist incoming shock attacks. This will prove especially useful against the more tricky electrified enemies in the game!

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