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How To Get A Sentry Gun Killstreak in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Warzone is getting the Sentry Gun killstreak in Season 4 Reloaded – find out how to get one and lock down whole sections of the map.

Positioning is integral for any Warzone win, but a new killstreak is coming in Season 4 Reloaded to help you secure areas of Verdansk. Of course, we are talking about the Sentry Gun.

Everyone will be after these automated turrets because they will be absolutely deadly for any player who steps within its line of sight. But, of course, they’re not easy to find…

But before you find out where to pick a Sentry Gun, be sure to check out everything new in Warzone & Cold War Season 4 Reloaded. There are new weapons, a new Warzone event, and more.

Warzone Modern Warfare Sentry Gun

How Does The Sentry Gun Work in Warzone?

The overpowered Combat Bow killstreak recently arrived in Verdansk, but now another killstreak is coming to Warzone.

The Sentry Turret Killstreak in Warzone works exactly how it does in Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Players can deploy it on the ground and it shoots anyone within a 180-degree radius.

The rapid-fire Sentry Turret will automatically detect any enemies and fire at them, but it doesn’t last forever. It should be active for just over a minute before collapsing with a harmless explosion.

Although finding a Sentry Gun in Warzone is much harder than you’d think.

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Where To Find The Senrty Turret in Verdansk

According to the Call of Duty Blog, players will only be able to find the legendary Sentry Turret killstreak in one specific place.

Warzone players can only find the Sentry Gun in the loot rooms that the mysterious Red Doors transport players to. It isn’t guaranteed that there will be one in every one of these loot rooms, but it’s the only chance you have of getting one.

Check out our Warzone Red Doors Guide and Locations to find out how and where to use these doorways. If you’re lucky, you might even find a Sentry Turret too!

Warzone Red Door

Meanwhile, Warzone has plenty of glitches that are annoying players. A new Warzone bug lets players jump into the Gulag and become invincible.

However, what’s worse is that the cheaters in Warzone are getting worse and worse. Now, players can even download Warzone hacks on console.

Finally, a leak has revealed that planes will be coming to Warzone soon. Along with the Sentry Gun, let’s hope these aren’t too OP in Warzone!

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