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How to Get Red Bullets in Modern Warfare

Highlight your opponents with these red tracer rounds in Modern Warfare.
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As we kick off 2020, Activision continues to support Call of Duty Modern Warfare with plenty of post-launch content, primarily new cosmetic items. Throughout the past few days, some of you might have noticed the addition of red bullets. Here’s how to get red bullets in Modern Warfare.

Not too long ago, we compiled a guide on how to get blue bullets in Modern Warfare. The steps are rather similar, but red bullets are available in a different bundle.

CoD Modern Warfare Red Bullets (Tracer Rounds) Guide

The red bullets that you might have seen whizzing past you are actually called red tracer rounds. There’s one way to get them, but it, unfortunately, comes at a hefty cost.

In order to get Modern Warfare red bullets, you’ll need to head over to the in-game store and purchase the Tracer Pack Red┬ábundle. The bundle costs 1,600 CoD Points. Some might be put off by the fact that the Battle Pass costs less than this, but these red bullets look pretty cool regardless.

Modern Warfare Tracer Pack Red

Once purchased, you should have access to the following items.

  • Red Dwarf M19 Blueprint
  • Cerise FN Scar 17 Blueprint
  • Golden Rage Emblem
  • Death’s Wings Calling Card

If you use the M19 or FN Scar 17 from now, you should be able to shoot out red bullets assuming you have equipped the blueprints. It’s important to note that these bullets aren’t necessarily more powerful.

When equipped, these bullets will light up wherever your shooting in a bright, red color for a limited time. They are far more visible when in night-vision modes.

Some have argued that these embolden the pay-to-win aspect of Modern Warfare, although they don’t technically grant players with any competitive advantage. With both red and blue bullets now out in the wild, perhaps Infinity Ward will introduce another bullet color into the game.

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