Rampardos is one of the Pokemon required to complete the 2023 Adventure Week Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO, but it doesn’t spawn in the wild – so how do you get one?

Pokemon trainers working their way through the Skull & Armor section of the Adventure Week Collection Challenge may be struggling to get a Rampardos to complete it.

During the event, there is actually only one way to get a Rampardos. Although, it is quite simple to get one once you know how!

How to Get Rampardos in Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week

The only way to get Rampardos during the 2023 Adventure Week event in Pokemon GO is by evolving a Cranidos. This process requires 50 Cranidos Candy.

Luckily, Cranidos is a common wild spawn during the Adventure Week event, so collecting this amount of Candy should not take too long!

Rampardos Pokemon GO Pokedex

So that you can evolve Cranidos into Rampardos quickly, you should boost how much Cranidos Candy you earn.

You should always use a Pinap Berry or Silver Pinap Berry when catching a Cranidos. This will increase the amount of Cranidos Candy you receive after catching it, helping you reach 50 faster.

While you shouldn’t struggle to find Cranidos in the wild during Adventure Week, you can also use some items to attract more Pokemon to you. Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, and Lure Modules could all attract Cranidos to you, also speeding up the process.

Good luck farming enough Cranidos Candy so you can get Rampardos in Pokemon GO. The Adventure Week Collection Challenge expires at 8 PM local time on August 2. You’ve only got until then to get one!

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