If you’re looking to get your hands on a PS5, here’s everything you need to know about buying the next-gen console.

The PS5 is now over two years old, and Sony’s ‘next-gen’ console is finally available to purchase without too much issue.

But for those of you that want the best deal on your console, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all the best retailers to buy the PS5 from right now, and where you should be looking:

Best Places to Buy a PS5

Right now, the best place to find a PS5 console is at PlayStation Direct, GameStop, or Walmart. Here’s a breakdown of the top locations and why you should keep an eye on them.


GameStop was always one of the most regular PS5 restockers on the market, and now the retailer has stock to spare. You’ll need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member to purchase a PlayStation 5 from GameStop, but there’s often stock available.

GameStop PS5

GameStop also has refurbished and 100% functional consoles on sale for a reduced price. If you want $50 off a PS5 and you’re okay with it not being brand-new, it could be worth checking your local store to see if any units are available.

This GameStop Store Finder will help you see where the nearest stores are to your location.

GameStop tends to restock online on weekdays, between 9 AM – 12 PM PT / 12 PM – 3 PM ET. However, it seems to prefer to save weekends for in-store PS5 drops.

If you catch an online order, GameStop should take 1-4 days to deliver your item.

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PlayStation Direct

Right now, PlayStation Direct has PS5 consoles in stock! What’s more, you can even save $10 on this year’s most-anticipated sequel with the God of War Ragnarok bundle:

PS Direct US:

PS Direct UK:

PlayStation Direct PS5

For a limited time only, Sony is also offering free express shipping on its PS5 bundles, to help ensure you’ve got the perfect gift in time for the holidays.

When the above links are out of stock, Sony tends to restock on a weekday, most often between Tuesday-Friday. Drops tend to occur between 11 AM – 4 PM PT / 2 PM – 7 PM ET.

Orders made at PlayStation Direct should take 5-6 business days to arrive.

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Although Walmart was initially unreliable at delivering PS5 consoles on time, now that the shortages are mostly over the retailer is a dependable option for console hunters.

Walmart currently has a huge stock of PS5 consoles on sale, with over 1000 reportedly sold each day. What’s more, it offers both fast shipping and the option for buyers to pick up manually.

Walmart PS5

However, be careful when browsing the Walmart site, as resellers also appear in the listings. Walmart itself will not be driving up the price, but if you see a base console going for $600+, that’s not actually coming from the retailer.

Walmart tends to restock exclusively on weekdays, at around 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. And thankfully, online orders come with free 2-day delivery – though in the past it’s been known to take a lot longer as the retailer used to sell consoles before they arrived in stock.

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Best Buy

Best Buy is another retailer that has the PS5 up-for-grabs right now! What’s more, there’s a trick to see if your local Best Buy brick-and-mortar location has PS5 stock available – allowing you to walk away with a console today!

Best Buy also has the following products available to purchase online, to save you some effort. However, it often requires customers to pick up their new consoles in person:

Best Buy PS5

What’s more, Best Buy offers an extended holiday return period, allowing you to return your item anytime before January 14 if you purchase by December 31.

Best Buy restocks always take place on weekdays between 12 PM – 3 PM PT / 3 PM – 6 PM ET. However, it sometimes has special Totaltech-exclusive stock drops on Mondays that aren’t worth their $200 annual entry fee.

Best Buy offers same-day delivery on certain items, though right now the PS5 only seems to be available for pick-up.

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Although we wouldn’t consider Target the prime place to track down a PS5, you might be surprised to learn that the retailer sells next-gen consoles in-store every single day!

The great thing about Target is that for months now it has sold PS5s in-store whenever one comes in stock. And with fewer people recognizing Target as a great location for PS5-hunting, that leaves more consoles for the rest of us.

Target PS5

To check if your local Target has PS5 stock, you’ll need to head there in person. They’re not often in stock at the links above.

Target tends to restock online on weekdays, with Wednesday-Friday being the most likely candidates for a drop. You’ll need to get up early, however, as drops tend to occur from 4 AM – 5 AM PT / 7 AM – 8 AM ET.

Delivery estimates predict that Target should have your PS5 with you in 3-5 business days when ordered online.

However, the retailer will drop PS5 consoles in-store any day of the week, as soon as it comes in stock.


Finally, while Amazon won’t always have stock, it at least gives you an easy chance to secure a PS5 thanks to its invite system.

Here’s how to sign up for an invite to buy a PS5 from Amazon!

We expect the massive online retailer to drop PS5 stock once more before Christmas, giving those who signed up a chance to get a direct link to buy. You won’t have to compete with scalpers for this drop, but not everyone that signs up is guaranteed to receive an invite.

You can request an invitation to purchase a PS5 from Amazon using the links below:

Amazon PS5

Amazon initially tended to restock on a weekday towards the end of the month. However, since it moved to invite-only PS5 restocks, emails containing links to an easy purchase go out in waves whenever the site has stock to sell.

Amazon offers next-day delivery on PS5 console purchases.

PS5 Restock Tips

If you’re having trouble securing a PS5 and you’re waiting for a restock, here are some tips and tricks to help you grab a console:

  • Set up accounts on all the websites for the retailers listed above. Make sure your payment and shipping details are both already entered, to ensure fast checkout time when a PS5 drop arrives.
  • When restocks occur, don’t be deterred by the first Out of Stock notice. Stay on the site and be patient. Since many customers will be put off by the notice, most will leave the page. If more stock becomes available (and some retailers do put up consoles in waves), you’ll be the first to know.
  • If you know a restock is coming, try purchasing on both a computer browser and the app. Sometimes you’ll even be able to add an item to your cart on one, but checkout on the other!
  • The payment methods that tend to boast the most success are PayPal or Apple Pay. Because these accounts often use a third-party window, they’re often faster than the store website which is under heavy strain from customers trying to buy the console.

How to Get PS5 Restock Alerts

To get instant PS5 stock alerts whenever there’s a new PS5 restock up for grabs, follow these steps:

  • Head to RestockTracker.io
  • Hit ‘Join Now’ and sign up for an account (or Log In if you already have one)
  • Enter PS5 in the search bar, or choose the device from the Hottest US Products section of the home page
Restock Tracker PS5
  • Make sure your location is correct, and then select ‘Subscribe to Instant Stock Alerts’
  • You can then choose whether you’d like to get notifications via email, browser, or both, by checking the boxes above the subscribe button
Subscribe to PS5 Restock Tracker

Is It Still Hard to Buy a PS5?

While PS5 stock levels are definitely noticeably higher than they’ve ever been, the console isn’t yet at a level of availability where you can walk into a store and guarantee you’ll be able to purchase Sony’s latest console.

Right now, multiple retailers have PS5 devices up for grabs, but we imagine supply will shorten again as we come to the end of 2022.

Currently, the PS5 Digital Edition is a lot harder to get than the Disc Edition.

Will There Be More PS5s in 2023?

Yes, by the end of 2023 we expect PS5’s stock shortage will be completely over, making it easy for everyone who wants a console to get one.

Recently, Jim Ryan confirmed that Sony has resolved the long-term supply issue of the PS5 – at least in Asia. In the West, where there’s far greater demand for the console, we expect it’ll take a little longer to fully resolve the shortages.

We’ll be updating gamers with the best place to buy a PS5 in early 2023, so bookmark this article for the New Year and check back soon.

Are PS5 Bundles Worth It?

Now that supply is getting increasingly common, PS5 bundles that combine unnecessary items with Sony’s console are decidedly not worth purchasing. However, if you were looking to buy those bundle items alongside your console anyway, then that’s another story.

Also, Sony’s official bundles, such as the God of War PS5 Bundle, actually have you saving $10 on the full price of one of 2022’s best games.

Those bundles are a no-brainer if you’re looking to pick up the included titles such as God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West.

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