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How To Get A PS5 From Target In Upcoming Drop

A user in the PS5 Restock subreddit has shared some useful hints that could help you to finally bag your next-gen console.

The introduction to the next generation of gaming for consumers has been rocky. Stock for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles have been scarce, and have kept fans from jumping into the new gaming landscape.

Fans have been desperate for consoles, the PlayStation 5 especially. Why won't they let us give them our money, dammit?

Frustrations aside, the stock issue is gradually being remedied. The head of PlayStation has offered a promising update on PS5 stock.

Plus, an industry expert has offered their two cents on how to fix the stock problems.

How To Get a PS5 From Target
PlayStation 5

Who knows, PS5s could be lining the shelves any time soon. But until then, we need a strategy. And it would seem that strategy has finally come through for us.

Reddit user ChasinCrustacean has shared their tips on how to get a console in the upcoming drop of PlayStation 5 at Target.

How To Get a PlayStation 5 From Target in Upcoming Drop

These are tips that are specifically for Target, and may not be the same for other stores.

If you're eyeing up stock at another store, check out our full guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart in 2021.

Plus, more UK stock of the PS5 is coming this month for you brits.

The user begins by detailing that Target is probably the easiest store to secure demand from, as you'll be battling it out with local residents rather than global ones for your PS5. This is because Target requires a local pickup of the console.

How To Get a PS5 From Target
PlayStation fans

Twitter accounts that alert you to the stock of PS5s should let you know the days that the restock comes in, so don't panic too much until then. Once you've been informed that they're coming to your local Target, though, it's time to prepare.

Stock drops are usually quite early in the morning, commonly taking place between 6 and 7 in the morning, central time. However, they have been dropped earlier in the past, so get up a touch earlier just in case.

The user details that when a drop is coming in, they sleep with their laptop on full volume with alerts enabled for all next-gen consoles on a stock site.

To keep yourself up to date with every single PlayStation 5 stock drop check out our USA PS5 stock tracker.

And there's a reason you should be keeping an eye on the consoles you're not looking to buy yourself.

Target drops all four next-gen consoles in the same timeframe. So that's the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

They all drop at roughly the same time, with 15-30 minute gaps between them. They also drop in a random order, so even if you're looking to bag a PS5 and you get an alert that the Xbox Series S is coming into stock, you know that the PS5 won't be far behind.

Purchasing Your PS5 From Target

Now, here are the things you need to know when paying for the PlayStation 5 at Target once it's in your basket.

The crucial thing to remember is that even though the console may be in your basket, doesn't mean it's reserved. You're only owed a console when you've paid for it.

So, the key is speed. Once the drop hits, the quickest way to buy a PS5 from Target is via the app and using Apple Pay if you're using an Apple device. If not, PayPal is the second fasted payment strategy.

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When the console is live, spam the checkout button. The website will have a lot of traffic and could be slower, but just keep slamming that button.

While you do so, use a desktop to check the "nearby stores" button on the website to ensure that your local store has stock. If not, you may have to go a city over.

How To Get a PS5 From Target
PlayStation 5

If your city suddenly displays that it's out of stock, back out of your purchase and select a new city. It'll be worth it to get your hands on your next-gen console of choice.

And that's all you need to know about bagging your PlayStation 5 at Target! We've got our fingers crossed for you.

It's good timing for a guide like this too, as insiders have claimed a huge Target PS5 restock is dropping very soon.

It also looks like scalpers are starting to lose their mojo. Scalpers are lowering their PS5 and Xbox Series X prices, implying they're running out of customers.

Plus, a clever new "priority pass" sales system is beating scalpers.

Here's the full Reddit post:

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