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Diablo 4 Primal Instinct Mount: How to Get & All Eligible Twitch Streamers

Even the hero of Sanctuary needs a worthy mount to adventure in.

Twitch and Activision Blizzard are teaming up to give players the opportunity to obtain a Primal Instinct Mount in Diablo 4.

Mounts allow players to travel between locations quickly. Players have different mounts to choose from, and they can even adorn them with special artifacts.

But if you’re looking to use the occult-like Primal Mount, you’ll need to bring out your wallet and head to Twitch.

How to Earn Primal Instinct Mount Diablo 4 Twitch Drop Reward

Players will need to purchase two subscriptions of any tier for a participating streamer between June 5, 4 PM PDT – July 2, 11:59 PM PDT, to earn the Diablo 4 Primal Instinct Mount Twitch Drop reward.

This is part of Diablo 4’s Support a Streamer Campaign. Each subscription will cost about $4.99 on the desktop website for Twitch, totalling up to $10 for this rugged Primal Mount.

If you purchase them from the mobile Twitch app, each subscription will cost $5.99 and total up to $12.

Diablo 4 Primal Instinct Mount

Those that are subscribed to Twitch Prime can use it for one of the subscriptions but will still need to pay for the second one.

List of Twitch Channels Eligible for Primal Mount Subs

Here’s the official full list of eligible channels you can gift Twitch subscriptions to.

You’ll need to gift Twitch subscriptions of any tier to two of the eligible streamers to receive the Primal Instinct Mount reward.

But if you don’t want to pay for this reward, there are fortunately plenty of other Diablo 4 Twitch Drop rewards you can earn from simply viewing streams for a minimum duration of time.

How to Sub to a Twitch Streamer

To subscribe to two streamers and earn the Primal Mount in-game reward, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the page of an eligible streamer.
  2. You’ll see three buttons on the bottom right of the video player.
    • Choose “Subscribe.”
  3. This will bring up a list of options.
    • Press Subscribe $4.99 to get a regular subscription.
    • Check the small square that says “Use Prime Sub” to get a free subscription for being a Prime Member.
  1. Complete your purchase.
  2. This will successfully subscribe you to that streamer.
  3. You’ll need to do this twice to earn the Primal Mount.
    • You can only use one Prime Sub per month.

Don’t forget that Twitch subscriptions renew monthly. If you’re only doing this for the Primal Mount, you’ll need to end your subscription to avoid monthly charges.

To qualify for the offer, you will need to link your Twitch and Battle.Net accounts:

  1. Head to your Connections tab in
  2. Login and scroll down until you see “Twitch” at the very bottom of the connections.
  3. Click on the “Connect+” on the Twitch row.
Connect Twitch
  1. Authorize your Twitch account to connect with
  2. Press Continue to finish linking your accounts.
  3. Now you can claim your Primal Instinct Mount with no issues.

How to Claim Primal Instinct Mount Twitch Drop Reward

To claim your Primal Mount reward for Diablo 4, you’ll need to redeem the code on

  • Head to the Account Overview page on
  • Type in the code you received in the “Redeem A Code” box.
  • Choose “Redeem Code.”
Diablo 4 Redeem A Code
  • The Primal Instinct Mount will appear in-game the next time you log in.

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