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How to Get PokeCoins Fast in Pokemon GO – Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to earn PokeCoins fast in Pokemon GO, here’s everything you need to know:

PokeCoins are necessary for a variety of features in Pokemon GO. While the game is primarily a free-to-play title, those who pay have always had an advantage over those who don’t.

Thankfully, players can obtain PokeCoins without spending a penny, letting them utilize the game’s Shop after saving up for quite some time.

What Are PokeCoins Used For in Pokemon GO?

Although you won’t need any PokeCoins to catch, transfer, trade, or battle Pokemon, they certainly come in handy.

This premium currency is used in the Pokemon GO Shop to purchase:

  • Raid Passes (& Remote Raid Passes)
  • Egg Incubators
  • Poffins
  • Incense
  • Rocket Radars
  • Star Pieces
  • Lure Modules
  • & more, as well as easier to find resources like Poke Balls or Potions.
Pokemon GO PokeCoin

However PokeCoins are also the ONLY way to purchase bag or Pokemon storage expansions, as well as a Team Medallion that allows players to change their chosen team.

Without coins, you’ll have a very tough time in Pokemon GO. Here’s how you get your hands on Pokemon GO’s PokeCoins as fast as possible.

How to Get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

PokeCoins can be obtained in the following ways in-game.

Spending Real Money

  • Head to the Pokemon GO Shop.
  • Scroll down to the bottom where you’ll find a PokeCoins section.
  • Select the coin bundle you’re willing to pay real money for and purchase it.
pokemon go pokecoin store

But while this is far and away the easiest and fastest way to get PokeCoins in Pokemon GO, thankfully it’s not the only way.

Placing Pokemon in Gyms

To earn PokeCoins for free in Pokemon GO, players can use gyms.

  • First, find a suitable gym.
  • If it’s not your team’s color, battle the enemy Pokemon until it’s empty.
  • Then, assuming there’s space, place one of your Pokemon in the gym. Up to 6 Pokemon from different players can be in a gym at one time.
  • You’ll earn PokeCoins when your Pokemon gets knocked out of a gym, based on how long it was there.
Pokemon GO Gym

For every 10 minutes that your Pokemon was in control of a gym, you can early 1 PokeCoin. As such, you’ll earn 6 coins per hour, up to a maximum of 50 per day.

Therefore, a Pokemon must sit in a gym for 8 hours 20 mins to earn the maximum amount of coins.

However, your payout of up to 50 PokeCoins will only arrive when your Pokemon leaves the gym. Sadly, there’s no way to manually remove the Pokemon from its location, and you’ll have to rely on other players to know it out.

This might not be the only method to get free coins soon. After all, Pokemon GO may be adding free PokeCoins as quest rewards!

Fastest Method to Get Free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO

Since getting your hands on PokeCoins is a tricky procedure in Pokemon GO, you’d think there’s not much you can do to speed up the process. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that might help you earn some extra currency.

  • Spread your Pokemon out in as many gyms as possible. You can have up to 20 Pokemon in gyms at one time, as long as they’re different locations. Even if multiple ‘mons leave a gym in a single day, you won’t earn more than 50 coins though.
  • If you’ve already earned 50 PokeCoins today, try feeding berries to your other active gyms to keep them alive until tomorrow.
  • Use some of Pokemon GO’s best gym defender Pokemon in popular gyms, to ensure you give enemy trainers a tough fight. However, in rural or inactive gyms, definitely don’t leave a Pokemon behind that you’ll miss as it might be gone for a long time!
  • You should also pay attention to typings when placing your Pokemon in each gym. If the gym already has a strong Fire-type in there, consider placing a different type, one that can cover that Pokemon’s weakness.

While you’re at it, check out our ultimate guide to getting XL Candy fast in Pokemon GO!

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO still seems unwilling to give players more free ways to play. Pokemon GO’s community has been begging Niantic to listen to their concerns, to no avail.

And it’s not just PokeCoins that has fans up in arms…

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