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How to Get a PlayStation Direct Invite to Buy a PS5

PlayStation Direct is one of the best ways to buy your PS5, but how do you get an invite to the drop?

Despite it being nearly a year after the release of the PS5, we’re still not able to just buy a console easily. Every week, we have to rely on restock waves just to be in with a chance at buying the next-gen console.

And although Sony claims that the PS5 stock shortage could come to an end soon, we’ll believe it when we see it!

After all, the PS5 Pro is rumored for a 2023 release date already!

PlayStation Direct
(Source: PlayStation)

If you’re still on the hunt for a next-gen console, our lightning-fast PS5 tracker will get you to upcoming drops first:

How to Get Invited to PS Direct PS5 Restocks

If you want to buy a PS5, there’s no better place to look than PS Direct – but how do you get an invite to PlayStation Direct restocks?

Unfortunately, there’s no trick to getting a PS Direct PS5 restock invite. However, there are a few factors that PlayStation takes into account when choosing who to send invites out to.

First of all, you must have a PSN account to be in with a chance at receiving an invite. Your individual account will have its own exclusive email, and that’s where you’ll receive your PS Direct invite to buy a PS5.

This way, scalpers aren’t able to snatch up PS5 stock before existing PlayStation members get a chance.

In the official PlayStation Direct FAQs, Sony states that invites go out “based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.” That certainly seems intentionally vague, but rest assured, new invites go out to PSN accounts each and every drop.

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PS5 Console
(Source: PlayStation)

When you do get that elusive PS Direct invite, arrive at the scheduled time to join a queue. It’s always better to be early, and invite-holders will be in with a good chance at a next-gen console purchase.

In several cases, the queue has also become open to the public after invitees have had their chance. However, it’s worth noting that supply is in short supply, and it’s always better to get an invite.

Don’t forget to buy some extra storage alongside your console, as the PS5 now supports SSD storage expansion at last!

And if you’re looking for accessories, the Midnight Black Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is turning heads.

Finally, in case you missed it, this new PS5 model is now replacing the original!

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M Amison

Monday 15th of November 2021

How do I sign up


Friday 5th of November 2021

I don’t know why Sony is going to come out with a new PlayStation; knowing every child,gamers & PS fans are ready to get their hands on 1. This has gone on for to long now.going on 2 years & my son still doesn’t have a PS5. First it was PS5 & X-Boxes that came out - it was so do hard getting an x-box at first. But now no problem- SONY IF YOU GOING TO MAKE A NEW PLAYSTATION- make enough to have in stores, online&& put a limit to it so the Gamers doesn’t buy 10 or more ; then sell them for double or triple the price— WHICH IS CRAZY. A lot of kids & Sony fans still can not get a ps5- If Sony cares about their fans then they would make enough- so it’s possible EVERYONE CAN GET 1 & NOT WAIT 2 YEARS OR PAY 700$- TO OVER 1000$ Sony is letting a lot of customers down- then think we are supposed to know exactly when to be online to even TRY to get 1 … Sony PlayStation please make more so ALL STORES can have enough to put out on shelves & online && SELL AT ORIGINAL PRICE

Still Raiders 4 Life

Wednesday 16th of February 2022

@Susan, did you even try hard enough? My oldest son got his from kohl's,few months after the release, my youngest son I got him one last year for Christmas from I got my self one from BJs wholesale It came with spiderman game and extra controller. We just got another one for the living room from the ole lady's job.


Tuesday 26th of October 2021

How do I get a email invite? I'm willing to stand in line and sleep out. It's the only thing my son asked for last year and again this year for Christmas. Yes, I'm still trying. My son is in a wheelchair and has had 63 surgeries. He rarely asks for anything. But last year he asked for a ps5. I would have paid the $1000. but it wouldn't have a warranty. That's how desperate I felt. I'm getting so frustrated.

Melanie Reynolds

Friday 22nd of October 2021

I'm getting aggrevated. I am a best buy total tech membership. They have screwed that up, so I wasnt able to get a ps5 disc console there. Game stop screwed up my sons power up membership, so I also missed that invite, and playstation direct hasn't sen not 1 invitation. My son plays a lot and we have tons of money sunk into his gaming. Fit to be tied and looks as though Walmart and best buy have systems available, but the prices are jacked over 1100. Absolutely ridiculous

Willa Marion

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Please I need one for my son graduation