Players will have the opportunity to have a pet dog following them around in MW2 and Warzone in the upcoming Season 5 update.

These Tactical Pets will follow players around in all of the Modern Warfare 2, Battle Royale, and DMZ modes. They will follow players around and give them companionship while also being ready for a lethal Finisher.

Here is how to obtain your own Tactical Pet in MW2 and Warzone to help you navigate the battlefield and offer a friendly bark of encouragement.

How to Get a Tactical Pet Dog in MW2 & Warzone

Players can obtain the Tactical Pet, Merlin, by purchasing the MW2 and Warzone Season 5 Blackcell Battle Pass for $29.99/ £24.99.

Merlin is part of a set that players receive from obtaining the Blackcell Battle Pass that also includes:

  • Arthur Operator
  • Merlin Tactical Pet
  • Caliburn Tracer Weapon Blueprint
  • Gwen Battle Buddy Screen
  • New Dog Finishing Move

Other players can not harm Merlin in any other way. Your Tactical Pet is there to offer you companionship, but they are not directly involved with battle unless they are part of a Finisher.

However, players will need to equip Merlin and the Dog Finishing Move separately. If you don’t equip the finishing move, then Merlin will simply follow you around the battlefield.

Blackcell MW2 Warzone

The price point may be a bit high for just some companionship in MW2, but it seems that this is just the beginning for Tactical Pets in Call of Duty.

Activision will likely add more Tactical Pets in the future, but Merlin is the first to join now. They also reference them as just pets which leaves room for other types of animals to join you on the battlefield.

What is a Tactical Pet?

A Tactical Pet is an animal companion that players can get in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone to follow them around the different modes and participate in unique Finishers.

Currently, the only Tactical Pet in Call of Duty is Merlin which players can obtain by purchasing the Season 5 Blackcell Battle Pass.

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