Pawmi, Frigibax, and Nymble are three of the latest additions to Pokemon GO – don’t miss out on catching them while you still can!

Every Pokemon GO player always wants to add new Pokemon to their Pokedex, and there are three new Pokemon that will be easy to catch in the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event.

Here’s how you can get Pawmi, Frigibax & Nymble as soon as they make their GO debuts!

How to Catch Pawmi, Frigibax & Nymble in Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock: Paldea

The only way to get Pawmi, Frigibax, and Nymble in the Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock: Paldea event is by catching them in the wild. Nymble and Pawmi are common spawns, while Frigibax is a rare spawn.

After Ultra Unlock: Paldea ends, at 8 PM local time on September 15, 2023, these Pokemon will no longer spawn in the wild.

It is not known when Pawmi and Nymble next be available, but Frigibax will be added to the 10km Egg hatches for this season!

Despite this, we expect that both Nymble and Pawmi will become common wild spawns at some point in the future.

Ultra Unlock Paldea Pokemon GO

The other new Pokemon added in the Ultra Unlock: Paldea event is Bombirder, but it is much harder to get. To catch Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, you must defeat it in a 3-Star Raid!

How to Evolve Pawmi, Frigibax & Nymble in Pokemon GO

You can also evolve Pawmi, Frigibax and Nymble in Pokemon GO, provided you have enough Candy. Here’s a rundown of the evolution methods for all three of these new Paldean Pokemon.

EvolutionCandy Required
Nymble → Lokix50 Nymble Candy
Pawmi → Pawmo25 Pawmi Candy
Pawmo → Pawmot100 Pawmi Candy
Frigibax → Arctibax25 Frigibax Candy
Arctibax → Baxcalibur100 Frigibax Candy
Pokemon GO Evolve Nymble, Pawmi, and Frigibax
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