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How to Get Neon Skull Weapon Charm for Halo Infinite – Master Chief Action Figure Pack

Interested in picking up a unique charm for your Spartan in Halo Infinite? Here is how to get the Neon Skull Weapon Charm.

Halo Infinite is nearly upon us, and recently we have been awash with news and details for the upcoming first-person shooter.

Just yesterday, fans got to experience the first Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Trailer, showcasing a huge part of the game which was previously shrouded in mystery.

With this, expectant fans also got to see Halo Infinite’s graphics from 2020 versus 2021, along with an updated look for a well-loved brute!

And whilst the game is releasing later this year, right now there are some exclusive cosmetic items to obtain in the run-up.

So, if you’re after a unique, skeletal attachment for your weapon, here is how to unlock the Neon Skull Weapon Charm in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Skull Charm
(Source: Microsoft)

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How to Unlock Neon Skull Weapon Charm – Halo Infinite

Here is how to expand your arsenal of attachments with the Neon Skull Weapon Charm in Halo Infinite. However, it might cost you more than expected…

If you’re the type of player who has to collect all of the exclusive cosmetic items in multiplayer games, this Weapon Charm might interest you.

Be warned, however, you will have to open up your wallet in order to do so. With this in mind, here are the steps to unlocking the Neon Skull Weapon Charm:

  • Head over to the Xbox Gear Shop
  • Pre-order ‘The Pilot & Master Chief Action Figure 2-Pack’
  • Receive digital code for Neon Skull Weapon Charm
  • Redeem digital code in-game once Halo Infinite launches

Interestingly, the ‘Pilot’ might be familiar to those who watched the “Discover Hope” cinematic trailer back at E3 2019.

(Source: YouTube)

However, there are even more exclusive cosmetic items for players to get their hands on. Those lucky Spartans who managed to gain access to the Halo Infinite Tech Preview were able to unlock the exclusive Ice Unicorn emblem. And it wasn’t an easy task!

Additionally, here is how to unlock the Yoroi Samurai Armor In-game in Halo Infinite.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, we may already know about new Halo Infinite Armors, Season 2 content & more.

Finally, 343 Industries and AMD have announced a new limited edition Halo Infinite Radeon 6900 XT graphics card, here is how to get one.

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