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There are many ways to unlock new gear in Diablo 4, from purchasing them at weapons vendors, slaying countless demons, and spending Murmuring Obols at Curiosity Vendors.

While most players will know about regular shops and the neverending joy of demon slaying, few may know the unique currency type, Murmuring Obols.

Murmuring Obols give you a chance to win some incredibly powerful items and are absolutely worth hunting down.

Of course, you can increase the amount of Obols you can carry by locating the specific Lilith Altars scattered across Sanctuary, giving you greater odds at unlocking Legendary gear.

Keep reading to learn where to find Murmuring Obols, what they’re used for, and how to get Legendary gear with them.

Lizveth curiosity vendor in Diablo 4

Where to Get Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4

Murmuring Obols can be gained in Diablo 4 by completing Events. You will typically get 20 Murmuring Obols each time you complete an Event.

You can also get Obols from Cursed Chests and Shrines found in Dungeons. They have Mastery Challenges to complete that will net you even more Obols.

For completing Mastery Challenges, you can get between 35 and 80 Murmuring Obols. The maximum amount of Obols you can have in Diablo 4 is 520.

Unfortunately, there are no other ways of getting Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4. However, Events frequently appear in the open world, giving you ample opportunity to collect plenty of Obols.

Completing these Events solo will be hard. While random players can join and help you, we recommend bringing along friends to help you overcome these challenges.

All players who participate in an Event will get the maximum amount of Murmuring Obols, regardless of how much they did.

the Murmuring Obols currency in Diablo 4
This is what the Murmuring Obols currency looks like in your inventory in Diablo 4.

What Are Murmuring Obols?

Murmuring Obols is a unique currency type that can be spent at Curiosity Vendors located in towns and near waypoints for a chance to unlock a new weapon or gear.

They can also be used to purchase Whispering Keys, which are needed to open Silent Chests and unlock even more powerful loot.

When purchasing an item with Murmuring Obols, you have a chance to unlock a Legendary item. However, as it’s based on RNG (Random Number Generation), you’re more likely to unlock lower-tier loot.

Essentially, RNG favors you unlocking lower tier-loot, so expect to find get simple daggers and shortswords more often. However, there’s every possibility you’ll get nothing but incredible Legendary gear with each purchase.

It’s a risk-reward system that encourages finding as many Obols as possible by completing Events and scouring Dungeons.

Where to Use Murmuring Obols – Purveyor of Curiosities Locations

There are two Curiosity Vendors in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4. There is Lizveth, who can be found in Kyovashad, and Rodyar, who is found by the Yelesna Waypoint.

You’ll find Lizveth first, and she can be found in the southeast section of Kyovashad. You can reach her by traveling to the Kyovashad waypoint and heading directly east.

If you’re unsure where the Curiosity Vendor is, open up your map and look for the bag icon. Alternatively, you can see Lizveth’s location in the image below:

the location of the Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4

Purveyor of Curiosities Item List

Here is everything you can buy with Murmuring Obols from the Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4:

  • Class-based Weapons (e.g. Bows for Rogue, Staff for Sorcerer, Axe for Barbarian) – 50 – 75 Obols
  • Cap – 40 Obols
  • Tunic – 40 Obols
  • Gloves – 25 Obols
  • Boots – 25 Obols
  • Pants – 40 Obols
  • Whispering Key – 20 Obols

Purchasing any of these items – with the exception of the Whispering Key – will give you a random version of them.

So, if you purchase a Dagger from the Purveyor of Curiosities, you might get a Legendary dagger or just another Simple Dagger.

Of course, don’t forget that you can salvage any worthless items you get from the Purveyor of Curiosities to unlock new materials.

The Purveyor of Curiosities shop in Diablo 4
If you’re not the Rogue class, you won’t see Bow or Crossbow, but instead, the weapons your class uses.

How to Find Events in Diablo 4

You can find Events scattered throughout the Fractured Peaks at fixed locations. They initially appear on your map as a triangle surrounded by three dots.

Once you get closer to an Event, it will turn into a wide orange circle, within which is the location where the Event is taking place.

You start the Event simply by heading into the orange circle, after which you and any other players joining you will begin the quest. They shouldn’t take more than around five minutes to complete.

Participating in Events is one of the many ways to become incredibly powerful and unlock new skills in Diablo 4. So, it is highly recommended you do them, especially to get the Murmuring Obols.

One of the most rewarding Events players can participate in is the Ashava World Boss fight. However, it only runs at limited times, so you’ll have to know when it’s happening to get its epic rewards!

A World Event icon on the map in Diablo 4 and the quests you need to complete on the right
What Events look like on the map in Diablo 4 (left), the quests needed to complete an Event, including the Mastery Challenge, to earn extra Obols (right)
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