To get a Mothim in Pokemon GO, you must evolve a male Burmy using 50 Burmy Candy.

If you want Mothim, the Burmy you evolve must be a male version of the Pokemon. The female version of Burmy evolves into Wormadam instead.

You must get a Mothim to complete the 2023 Festival of Colors Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO! Luckily, there are a few ways of earning Burmy Candy during the event.

You can get a guaranteed Burmy encounter from Festival of Colors Field Research Tasks.

Alternatively, you can also encounter every type of Burmy in the wild during the festival!

How to Evolve Burmy into Mothim in Pokemon GO

To evolve Burmy into Mothim in Pokemon GO, you must first catch a male Burmy of any type and then collect 50 Burmy Candy.

Then, you can go to your male Burmy in your Pokemon storage and press the Evolve button. This will use up 50 Burmy Candy and transform it into a Mothim.

If you haven’t earned enough Candy yet, find out the fastest ways to farm Candy in Pokemon GO so you can speed up this process.

Evolve Burmy into Mothim Pokemon GO

Can You Catch Mothim in the Wild?

Currently, you cannot catch a Mothim in the wild in Pokemon GO. This means that the only way to get one is by evolving a male Burmy.

Of course, Niantic may make Mothim a wild spawn at some point, but for now, you cannot catch one in the game.

How to Check if Burmy is Male or Female in Pokemon GO

You can check the gender of any Pokemon in Pokemon GO by looking to the right of its name after you select it in your Pokemon Storage.

The symbol for a male Pokemon is a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally up and to the right.

Before you choose which Burmy to evolve, you’ll want to assess how powerful it is. Use the Pokemon GO IV search filters to quickly find out which of your Pokemon are strongest!

Identify Male Burmy Pokemon GO
The symbol showing a male Burmy

Can All Types of Burmy Evolve into Mothim in Pokemon GO?

Yes, every type of Burmy (Plant, Sandy, and Trash) in Pokemon GO can evolve into Mothim, so long as it is a male version of the Pokemon.

However, even if there are three types of Burmy, there is only one type of Mothim. No matter which version of a male Burmy you evolve, it will turn into the same kind of Mothim.

Burmy Mothim Pokemon GO Pokedex

What Does a Female Burmy Evolve into in Pokemon GO?

Any Female Burmy will evolve into one of the three types of Wormadam.

A female Plant Burmy will turn into a Plant Wormadam, a female Sandy Burmy will turn into a Sandy Wormadam, and a female Trash Burmy will turn into a Trash Wormadam.

This works very similarly to how all of the Vilvillon patterns in Pokemon GO do. Which version it evolves into depends on the type of Pokemon it evolves from.

All Burmy and Wormadam Types in Pokemon GO
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