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How to Get More Kills in Warzone – JGOD’s Top Aim Tip

Warzone YouTuber JGOD has revealed one simple trick to win gunfights and get more kills in Warzone.

While there are many different gameplay factors that contribute to the success of a Warzone player, gun skill is the most important. However, winning gunfights isn’t all about accuracy.

In his latest Warzone video, JGOD has revealed his top tip to get more kills and win more gunfights. It’s a surprising one, but a tip that will help you take your game to the next level.

But first, you’ll want to be using the best weapons in Warzone right now:

Warzone Window

How To Get High-Kill Games in Warzone – Crosshair placement

JGOD has already revealed his top tip for long-range accuracy in Warzone. However, his newest video will help you improve an underrated skill that will help you in every gunfight.

The overlooked skill that JGOD highlights in his new video is crosshair placement and centering. This gives you an edge in every gunfight and helps you get more kills in Warzone.

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What JGOD means about correct crosshair placement is having your crosshairs pointed to a place where enemies could come out from at any time.

This means you’ll always want to be aiming at the center of doorways or at places around the map like the edges of walls or down staircases.

Warzone Gulag

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This tip will save you all-important time in a gunfight. If you are already aiming where the enemy emerges, then you can start shooting quicker than they can.

In his video, JGOD goes over gameplay of top players and analyzes the crosshair placement of pros. Check it out below and get more kills in Warzone!

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Meanwhile, check out the Cold War and Warzone Season 5 trailer, if you haven’t already. Also, the art for the new season is hinting at a Call of Duty Vanguard reveal in Warzone.

Finally, Activision has debunked a rumor that Warzone will get an FOV slider on console. This is a huge shame for many players.

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