In The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, Link’s Energy Cell appears as a series of Batteries on the screen when powering Zonai Devices.

The more Energy Wells Link has obtained in his Tears of the Kingdom adventure, the longer he can power his machinery for. And while you’ll only start with one Battery, it’s easy to miss the fact that you can get a whole lot more!

Before we begin, this article contains a few terms that you might not be familiar with. As such, here’s a breakdown of some of the more confusing terms:

  • Energy Cell – The storage system that powers Zonai Devices, represented on-screen by Battery icons
  • Energy Well – One third of a Battery, can be purchased at Crystal Refineries
  • Crystallized Charges – Currency used to purchase Energy Wells at Crystal Refineries. Obtained at Forge Constructs or found in The Depths.
  • Zonaite – Currency used to purchase Crystallized Charges at Forge Constructs. Obtained by Mining Zonaite Ore or defeating enemies in The Depths.

Where to Get More Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom

To get more Batteries (also known as expanding his Energy Cell), Link must talk to Steward Constructs in Zelda TOTK’s Crystal Refineries and exchange Crystallized Charges for Energy Wells.

Players will encounter one such Crystal Refinery outside Nachoyah Shrine on the Great Sky Island during the prologue. Another can be found directly outside of Lookout Landing.

Where to Find Crystal Refineries in Zelda TOTK

For every 100 Crystallized Charges provided, Link can upgrade his Energy Cell by 1/3rd of a Battery (known as an Energy Well).

Get More Energy Wells in Zelda TOTK

How Many Batteries Can You Get in Zelda: TOTK?

With a great deal of effort, Link can obtain up to 16 Batteries in Tears of the Kingdom, including the one he starts with. That means that players can craft up to 15 additional Batteries throughout their TOTK adventure.

Each Battery consists of 3 Energy Wells, and each Energy Well costs 100 Crystallized Charges to produce. Therefore, you’ll need 300 Crystalized Charges per additional Battery.

And if you want to obtain all 15 extra Batteries, that’s a whopping 4500 Crystallized Charges you’ll need to obtain!

Where to Get Crystallized Charges in TOTK

Crystallized Charges will often be found inside Treasure Chests, but they are most commonly purchased from Forge Constructs.

One Forge Construct that’s easy to get to is in the Great Abandoned Central Mine, where you’ll unlock the Autobuild ability.

Where to Find Forge Construct Zelda TOTK

At Forge Constructs, Steward Constructs will exchange Zonaite for Crystallized Charges, used for expanding your Energy Cell in TOTK:

  • Large Crystallized Charge – 3 Large Zonaite
  • Crystallized Charge – 3 Zonaite
Where to Get Crystallized Charges Zelda TOTK

A great way to get Crystallized Charges is by defeating the minibosses that are found throughout The Depths. Each one will drop 20 Crystallized Charges and all enemies will respawn every few days thanks to the Blood Moon.

Another handy trick to know is that Forge Constructs reset their stock levels every single day! Therefore, you can buy out their entire stock, fast travel to Lookout Landing to sleep, and then return the next in-game day to repeat the process!

Of course, you’ll need a lot of Zonaite if you’re looking to purchase those Charges!

You could just duplicate it using Tears of the Kingdom’s item duplication trick. But if you’re looking to play honestly, here are some handy tips to help make farming easier:

Where to Get Zonaite in Zelda: TOTK

Zonaite and Large Zonaite are exclusively found in The Depths, the great underground area beneath Hyrule.

By mining the shiny black ore found in The Depths, Link will be able to get his hands on a lot of Zonaite very quickly. Simply hit the ore with a blunt weapon (fuse with a rock for easy mining) or toss a bomb flower at it to collect the Zonaite within.

Although Zonaite Ore is found all throughout The Depths, some locations are better suited to Zonaite farming than others.

Where to Find Zonaite in Zelda TOTK
This enormous mass of Zonaite is found South of Sijotu Lightroot, at Coordinates: (1299, -2950, -0600)

Enemy camps, abandoned mines, and caves are all excellent places to look for Zonaite in Tears of the Kingdom. We recommend mining it every time you see it, as you’ll need a lot to upgrade your batteries in TOTK!

What’s more, defeating Gloom-infested enemies also tends to lead to Zonaite dropping as loot, so don’t be afraid of some combat.

Make sure you know how to get The Depths armor to avoid Gloom damage while you’re exploring Hyrule’s underbelly!

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