The Metal Coat is an item that you need to have if you want to evolve Scyther into Scizor – here’s where you can get one in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Many Pokemon require items to evolve and longtime fans of the series will be very familiar with the Metal Coat. Historically, this has been used to evolve both Onix and Scizor.

However, getting a Metal Coat in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be tricky if you don’t know where to look!

Where to Find a Metal Coat in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Location & Map

There are 2 methods to get a metal coat in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  1. Purchase for ₽3,000 from Delibird Presents shop
  2. Purchasing it in one of the auctions at Porto Marinada Market

Purchasing from the Delibird Presents shop presents the most reliable method as it’s not always available in the auctions.

Delibird Presents Shop

You can buy a Metal Coat for ₽3,000 at the Delibird Presents shop in the North of Levincia – a town in the East of Paldea.

Select the Battle Items option in the shop’s menu and scroll down the list to find Metal Coat.

If Delibird Presents doesn’t have the Metal Coat yet, you will need to return later when you have more Gym badges. The exact number isn’t known at the moment but it seems to be between 4 and 6.

Make sure you know how to fast travel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to save yourself some time!

Delibird Presents Map and Metal Coat Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Porto Marinada Market

The other method of getting a Metal Coat is by purchasing it in one of the auctions at Porto Marinada. However, it is a much less reliable way of getting a Metal Coat as it will not always be on sale there.

When you go to Porto Marinada Market, it gives you a list of items that are on auction so you will easily see if it’s available there or not.

If it’s not available, there is a way to reset the items list over and over until it is:

You can either wait approximately 30 minutes for the Porto Marinada Auction to automatically reroll the items, or you can force it following the steps below:

  1. Save your game.
    • Press X to open the menu, and then scroll down until you find Save.
  2. Close the game completely.
    • Press the Home Button on your switch.
    • Then press X when selecting Pokemon Scarlet or Violet.
    • Finally, select Close.
  3. Change your Switch’s internal clock to one day in the future.
    • Go to Settings (the cogwheel icon on your Home Screen).
    • Scroll down until you find System.
    • Push your left joystick to the right and then scroll until you find the Date and Time.
    • Inside of Date and Time, turn Synchronize Clock via Internet off.
    • Then, select Date and Time and change it to one day in the future.
  4. Head back into Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and try the Auction again. 
  5. If they still don’t have a metal coat then repeat the process until they do.

Porto Marinada Market is always worth a visit though. There are often very rare evolution items on sale there like Dawn Stones and Dusk Stones!

Porto Marinada Map Location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

What Does a Metal Coat Do & How To Evolve Scyther into Scizor

The Metal Coat is an item that boosts the Steel-type moves of any Pokemon that holds it. Additionally, it can be used to evolve Scyther into Scizor in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

If you trade Scyther with another player while it is holding a metal coat, it will evolve into Scizor.

  • If you set up a trade where you’re both trading Scyther holding a metal coat, you will both receive Scizor and a second trade will not be needed.
    • You can double-check if the Scyther is holding a metal coat by ‘checking the other Pokemon’s Summary’.
  • However, if only one person is trading Scyther with a metal coat, you will need to trust the other player to trade it back to you as it’s the person receiving it who will get Scizor.

Of course, if you have no friends playing the game, you will need to find someone and the r/PokemonTrades community is a great place for that. Be mindful to check the trade before confirming though.

Unlike other games in the series, Scyther is the only Pokemon that needs a Metal Coat to evolve. This is because Onix is not in Scarlet and Violet.

Scizor Pokemon Scarlet Violet

How To Get a Shiny Scizor

To get a Shiny Scizor in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you will need to:

  1. Have another player trade a Shiny Scyther holding a metal coat with you
  2. Once it’s traded it will evolve into a Shiny Scizor

This is the same process as above, merely changing Scyther with a Shiny Scyther.

Of course it is the player receiving the Pokemon who will get the Shiny Scizor, so to get it yourself you will need to get someone to trade this with you.

The safest way would be to set up a trade where you are both trading a Shiny Scyther holding a metal coat. Again, you can check the metal coat during the trade by ‘checking the other Pokemon’s Summary’.

How to Use a Metal Coat

To use a Metal Coat in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, go to the Other Items tab in your Item Bag and select the Metal Coat with the A button.

Then, press Give to Pokemon and select whichever Pokemon you want to hold the Metal Coat.

Of course, you will want to give it to Scyther if you plan to evolve it, but it is also a useful item to give to Pokemon with Steel-type moves before difficult battles.

Now that you know about the Metal Coat, make sure you know how to get other rare evolutions items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

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