Duraludon’s new Metal Alloy evolution item is extremely rare in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet but The Indigo Disk owners shouldn’t have much problem getting it.

In case you missed the news, Duraludon can now evolve into Archaludon, as of the latest Gen 9 DLC. The Indigo Disk adds a brand-new item, the Metal Alloy, that can be used on the Dragon/Steel-Type to encourage its new evolution.

But where can you find the Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

How to Get Metal Alloy

The Metal Alloy item can only be found in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’s The Indigo Disk expansion for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Metal Alloys are obtainable via the following methods:

  • Purchasable in the Blueberry Academy School Store for 300 BP
  • Found in Chargestone Cave in the Canyon Biome
  • Trading with another player who has given it to a Pokemon

Here’s a breakdown of all three methods.

Easiest Method

The easiest way to get a Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is to buy it from the Blueberry Academy School Store for 300 BP.

Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

What’s great about this method is that you can buy an infinite number of Metal Alloy, and BP is very easy to obtain.

Simply complete Blueberry Quests (BBQs) and you’ll be racking up the points in no time.

Free Method

You can also find a guaranteed Metal Alloy in Chargestone Cave, which is found in the mountain range connecting the Canyon and Polar Biomes.

Where to Find Metal Alloy in The Indigo Disk

The Metal Alloy we found in this cave was near the top of the cave, beside a large blue crystal. It appears as a red Poke Ball item on the ground.

Where to Get a Metal Alloy in The Indigo Disk DLC

Other players have reported finding the same spawn, so it seems to be a guaranteed item for those who don’t want to spend their hard-earned BP.

Players can enter Chargestone Cave at the following locations:

Chargestone Cave Entrances

Without DLC Method

If you don’t have the new Indigo Disk DLC, the only way to get the Metal Alloy is via trading with another trainer who has given the item to their Pokemon.

Of course, since Metal Alloy can only be used on Duraludon, it may be easier to just trade with a player for an Archaludon – if that’s your end goal anyway!

How to Use Metal Alloy

To use the Metal Alloy, simply select it from your Other Items category of the Bag and choose to use it on a Duraludon in your party.

Evolving Duraludon into Archaludon

This is the only use that the item has, and it causes Duraludon to evolve into Archaludon.

However, the Metal Alloy will be consumed in the process.

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