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How to Get Maximum Aim Assist in Warzone, According to Jackfrags

If you’re a controller player in Warzone, here’s how to get maximum aim assist in-game.

One of the most controversial topics in the Warzone community is the advantages of PC players over console users. Although Warzone has excellent cross-play between the two platforms, it’s clear that those on superior hardware have quite the advantage.

For example, on PC it’s possible to get a larger FOV, upgraded graphics, and you can even take advantage of these incredible NVIDIA filters to brighten up Verdansk.

But controller players do get one small bonus of their own, in the form of aim assist. When using a gamepad, users get a slight boost to their overall aim, as Warzone will help assist you in directing your fire at enemies.

Warzone Season 4
(Source: Activision)

Since launch, many keyboard and mouse players have been very passionately against aim assist. But is it really as bad as Warzone fans are making out?

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Advantages of Using a Controller in Warzone

In a new video upload, Warzone pro Jackfrags shows users the advantages of using a controller in-game.

Although Jackfrags has been a PC player for years, he’s finally taking advantage of using a controller in Warzone. The reason for this started out as just a personal challenge for the YouTube star, but it wasn’t long before Jack noticed a difference.

First and foremost, it’s interesting to note that playing in a controller-exclusive party will match you primarily with other controller users. With that in mind, a controller user on PC likely has a large advantage over the rest of their largely console-based lobby, especially if they’re on a high-end rig.

That said, PC players are experiencing major FPS issues in Warzone Season 4 right now – here’s how to fix them.

Warzone Hijacked Gulag
(Source: Activision)

Second, by using the best controller settings in Warzone, you’re able to get a leg up over standard players too. And with Jackfrags using a controller with remappable back buttons, he’s able to both jump and crouch without taking either thumb off the sticks.

But perhaps the biggest advantage of using a controller in Warzone is the aim assist function. And soon the YouTuber managed to find the way to get maximum aim assist in Warzone.

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How to Boost Aim Assist in Warzone

According to Jackfrags‘ new video, aim assist doesn’t always work like you’d expect in Warzone. You won’t snap to enemies when zooming in, nor will the cursor lock onto players like it always seems to in killcams.

Instead, your player camera will turn itself towards enemies with a sort of magnetism – but only when you are moving the left stick. It looks like aim assist in Warzone will only work when you yourself are moving in-game.

Warzone Maximum Aim Assist Season 4
(Source: Jackfrags)

It looks like aim assist also gets a boost when the enemy player is moving too.

“It’s all about movement. If you’re moving and they’re moving, the effect of the aim assist is much more profound,” Jackfrags claims.

What’s more, when aiming down sights at an enemy player and strafing, your own movement will appear to slow down when passing over the target. In reality, it’s likely because your camera is rotating to follow the enemy, rather than you actually getting slower in-game.

If you’re looking to get a brand-new controller to try this out yourself, you can make an incredible new Xbox custom controller here! Meanwhile, the PS5 has two new controller variants out now and they look amazing!

But Warzone Season 4 is almost unplayable for PS4 and Xbox One users, according to new reports. Those not on next-gen consoles are struggling to get the game to run properly whatsoever.

And there’s a new Pay-to-Win Warzone skin that players are dubbing ‘Roze 2.0’ on its way to the battlefield.

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