Players can get married in Starfield, allowing them to take their relationships to the next step, but, much like real life, it will take a little effort on your part.

Marriage was a big part of Skyrim as it allowed the player to settle down with their favorite character in between hunting mudcrabs.

Fortunately, Starfield includes marriage, but only with a handful of characters. Below, we outline exactly who you can marry in Starfield and how.

Who Can You Marry in Starfield?

You can marry 4 different characters in Starfield, all of whom are members of Constellation. They are:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Andreja
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett

There are 2 female options and 2 male options, and all 4 are available to romance regardless of which pronouns you pick.

These are also the only characters you can romance, meaning every romanceable character in Starfield can be married.

It’s important to note that you can only marry one character at a time. If you change your mind, you’ll need to divorce your spouse first to marry a different character.

Sarah Morgan talking about marriage in Starfield

How to Marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield

To marry Sarah Morgan, you must increase your relationship with her by picking the Good options during quests and the Flirt option whenever speaking with her.

Then, after a while, you will unlock the In Memoriam quest. After completing it, you’ll get the commitment option when talking to Sarah, which lets you get married.

See the full breakdown of how to marry Sarah Morgan below:

  • Raise Sarah Morgan’s affinity level.
    • Picking the Good options during missions helps as she likes those more.
    • Always pick the Flirt option during dialogue exchanges with her.
  • Complete the In Memoriam quest.
  • Choose the “Commitment” option in dialogue.
  • After a while, head to Paradiso in the Porrima System.
  • Speak to Sarah and her mother.
  • Go to the beach and begin the ceremony.
Sarah Morgan in Starfield

After marrying Sarah, she will give you her Commitment Gift, which is her UC genetag in a display case. You can put it in your apartment or Dream Home.

How to Marry Andreja in Starfield

To marry Andreja in Starfield, you need to have had every special conversation with her and raised her affinity by choosing options she likes and flirting with her.

Then, you need to complete the mission Divided Loyalties, after which you need to reassure her of your relationship. Finally, complete the mission Commitment: Andreja to marry her.

See the full breakdown of how to marry Andreja below:

  • Raise Andreja’s affinity level.
    • Make sure to pick the good options during missions.
    • Pick the Flirt options when talking to her.
    • Don’t kill civilians or do morally wrong acts such as stealing.
  • Complete the mission Divided Loyalties.
  • Choose the Romance option when talking to her.
  • Reassure Andreja of your relationship.
    • Make sure not to dismiss her feelings when talking to her.
    • Don’t flirt with other companions while in a relationship with her.
  • Complete the mission Commitment: Andreja.
    • Head to Shoza II in the Shoza system.
Andreja in the Lodge in Starfield

After marrying Andreja, she will give you a Commitment Gift, which can be placed in your home as a decoration.

How to Marry Sam Coe in Starfield

To marry Sam Coe in Starfield, you need to raise his affinity level and then complete the mission Matters of the Heart.

Once completed, you need to tell Sam that you love him and then pick the Commitment option when talking to him. Finally, you need to get approval from Cora Coe and Jacob Coe before marrying Sam.

See the full breakdown of how to marry Sam Coe below:

  • Raise Sam Coe’s affinity level.
    • Pick the morally right choice in missions.
    • Talk your way out of encounters.
    • Choose the Flirt option when talking to him.
  • Complete the Matters of the Heart mission.
  • Tell Sam you love him.
  • Ask Cora Coe for her approval of your relationship.
  • Pick the Commitment option when speaking to Sam.
  • Ask Jacob Coe for his approval of your marriage.
  • Marry Sam at the Coe Estate.
Sam Coe in Starfield

If you marry Sam, he will give you his Freestar Ranger Badge as a gift. You can display it in your home as a decoration.

How to Marry Barrett in Starfield

To marry Barrett in Starfield, you need to raise his affinity level by flirting with him and choosing the morally right options in missions.

Then, you need to complete the companion quest Breach of Contract, which will unlock the Commitment dialogue option when talking to him. Finally, complete the Commitment: Barrett mission to marry him.

See the full breakdown of how to marry Barrett below:

  • Raise Barrett’s affinity level.
    • Pick the Good option during missions.
    • Choose the Flirt option when talking to him.
    • Give Barrett money when he asks for it.
  • Complete the Breach of Contract quest.
  • Select the Romance option when talking to Barrett.
  • Next, choose the Commitment option when talking to Barrett.
  • Complete the Commitment: Barrett mission.
    • Talk to VASCO about officiating the wedding.
Barrett out of his space suit in Starfield
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