Throughout Starfield, you’ll find plenty of locked cases that hold treasures you can only obtain once you increase your lockpicking proficiency, like the Mark 1 Spacesuit in The Lodge.

The Lodge is an area that you can access after you meet Sarah Morgan and decide to join the Constellation. Once you reach The Lodge, you’ll see the Mark 1 Spacesuit in a glass case, displayed as a trophy in the room.

It may seem out of reach, but players have actually found a way to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield for free without needing to get through the Master level lock.

How to Get Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield

To get the Mark 1 Spacesuit in Starfield, you need to approach the glass case and try to line up your cursor with the small space between the glass door and the case itself until you can interact with the “Mannequin.”

  1. Head to the Mark 1 Spacesuit glass case in the basement of The Lodge.
    • You can see instructions for how to get here in the section below.
  2. Approach the glass case until you can see the space between the door and the case.
  3. Aim your cursor between the space until you can interact with the Mannequin. Most of the time, you will see the “Door Locked” prompt, but if you aim just right, you will get “Mannequin” instead.
    • You can crouch if it makes it easier to aim.
Mannequin Starfield Glass Case
  1. Interact with the Mannequin and take all of the items from it into your inventory.

Players can do this very early in Starfield, which makes this one of the best spacesuits you can find during your first few hours as a space adventurer.

In the Reddit video below, you can see the exact angle that one player used in order to obtain the Mark 1 gear set from the glass case.

Where is Mark 1 Spacesuit?

The Mark 1 Spacesuit is found in the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis, where you first visited the Constellation.

  1. Join the Constellation in order to obtain The Lodge key.
  2. Head toward the door underneath the stairs and unlock it using the key.
Door under staircase Starfield
Source: ScoJo262
  1. Head down the stairs and take a left when you reach the area with the workbenches.
  2. When you reach the next room, take a right and head straight toward the couch with a white sheet over it.
Room with Mannequin Starfield
  1. In this room, look toward your left. You will see the Mark 1 Spacesuit on a mannequin inside of a glass case.
Mark 1 Spacesuit Starfield

This is how you find the Mark 1 Spacesuit. Usually, you would need to reach the third level of the Security Skill in order to obtain it, but using the method above, you can get it as soon as you find it without lockpicking.