Lucky Pokemon are super rare and useful Pokemon to have in your storage – here’s how to get them in Pokemon GO!

While many players are on the lookout for shiny, Mythical, or Legendary Pokemon, they may be missing out on Lucky Pokemon, which are excellent options for any players who battle, defend Gyms, or take part in Raids.

We’re going to give you everything you need to know about Lucky Pokemon, including how you can add one to your collection!

What are Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Lucky Pokemon are rare Pokemon that require 50% less Stardust to power up, as well as having high IVs.

Lucky Dragonite in Pokemon GO

These Pokemon that you can get will have a minimum of 12/12/12 IV (80% IV), making them excellent Pokemon for battling with. You can use the IV filters in Pokemon GO to check which Pokemon match similar to this.

Not only that but having the reduction in Stardust of Purified Pokemon stacks with Lucky Pokemon. That makes Lucky Purified Pokemon the cheapest to power up.

You can see which Pokemon are Lucky in your storage by the fact they have yellow orbs around them in the menu. They also have a unique golden background compared to most Pokemon.

Of course, you’ll need to get your hands on a Lucky Pokemon to be able to see how amazing they are.

How to Get Lucky Pokemon

The standard way to get a Lucky Pokemon is by trading with a friend and hoping for the best. This is because there’s only a 5-20% chance of this happening, depending on the situation.

However, keep reading because there is a slightly more complicated, but guaranteed way below.

The odds change depending on how old the Pokemon you are trading are. Assuming that one Pokemon is less than one year old, these are the odds based on the other Trainer’s Pokemon:

Pokemon AgeLucky Odds
Under one year old5%
One year old10%
Two years old15%
Three years old20%

Also, if both Trainers’ Pokemon are over one year old, the chances are 20% and this is the highest chance you will have using this method.

If you’re unsure how to trade with someone, make sure to check out our Pokemon GO trading guide for all of the information.

Lucky Friends – Guaranteed Lucky Pokemon Method

There is a way to get a guaranteed Lucky Pokemon, and that’s by trading Pokemon with a Lucky Friend. Both Pokemon traded will become Lucky Pokemon.

How To Become Lucky Friends:

You will have the chance of becoming Lucky Friends with a Best Friend once per day, if you follow the steps below:

  1. Find a friend listed as a ‘Best Friend’
  2. Perform any action that raises your Friendship Level
    • Sending and opening Gifts
    • Trading Pokemon
    • Battling in a Gym together
    • Battling in a Raid together
    • Battling each other
  3. You’ll have a 1.17% chance of becoming Lucky Friends. (On average 1 in 85 times)
  4. If you become Lucky Friends you will receive an on-screen prompt saying:
    • ‘Your friend’ and you became Lucky Friends! Your next trade together will be Lucky! This means both Pokemon traded will become Lucky Pokemon.

Lucky Friends only last for one day so you must trade with them then if you want a Lucky Pokemon.

Once a trade has occurred, or the Lucky Friend status goes away, you can become Lucky Friends again the following day. You can become Lucky Friends with the same trainer an unlimited amount of times.

You can find out more about this in our Friendship Level guide.