Keldeo, the Colt Pokemon, has finally made its Pokemon GO debut but catching one isn’t easy. Here’s how to do it!

Every Pokemon trainer player looks forward to new Pokemon coming to the game, and Keldeo is the latest ‘Mon to make its GO debut as part of the Mythic Blade event!

However, as it doesn’t appear in the wild, the method to catch one isn’t initially obvious. Don’t worry, though – catching one is pretty simple if you’re willing to purchase an in-game research ticket.

Keldeo Pokemon GO Trailer

How to Catch Keldeo in Pokemon GO

Currently, the only way to catch Keldeo in Pokemon GO is by completing the Something Extraordinary Special Research Story.

This is an exclusive Special Research Story for players who purchase it for $7.99 (or local currency equivalent) in the in-game Shop.

Something Extraordinary Special Research Tickets are on sale from December 6 – December 11 2022.

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In addition to purchasing a ticket, players will have to log in to Pokemon GO at some point from 10 AM on December 10 to 8 PM on December 11 to claim this research.

Then, players can complete Something Extraordinary at any time to be rewarded with a Keldeo encounter!

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Pokemon GO Mythic Blade Event

Is There Shiny Keldeo in Pokemon GO?

No, there is not a shiny version of Keldeo in Pokemon GO yet.

As Keldeo is making its Pokemon GO Debut in Season 9: Mythical Wishes, its shiny form will not make an appearance in the game for a long while yet.

However, there are still plenty more shiny Pokemon for players to catch. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide for the exact chances of catching the shiny versions of different Pokemon.

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