The Keelhauler is one of the Legendary Pistols that players will encounter in Starfield, but to obtain it, you’ll need to get on the wrong side of the law.

Starfield has plenty of unique weapons for players to find, but one of the best is the Keelhauler due to its interesting design and unique perk that makes enemies enter a frenzy. It also involves one of the more interesting side quests in the game.

Here is how to get the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield by completing the Echoes of the Past side quest.

How to Get Keelhauler Legendary Pistol

To get the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol in Starfield, you need to go undercover and infiltrate the Crimson Fleet until you complete the Echoes of the Past quest.

Once you complete this quest, speak to Delgado, the Crimson’s Fleet Captain, and he will reward you with the Keelhauler.

This weapon can be obtained at any point in the game, so it’s a great way to get a Legendary Pistol early in the game, as well as a new ship.

  1. Get arrested and go undercover for the UC Sysdef to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet.
    • Players can do this at any point in the game. We recommend heading to New Atlantis and stealing from one of the shops in order to get arrested.
  2. Meet Delgado from the Crimson Fleet and help him find Jasper Kryx’s Clue in Echoes of the Past.
  3. Defeat the Grylloba Queen boss and escape The Lock with the UC Prison Shuttle ship.`
  4. Speak to Delgado and obtain the Keelhauler Legendary Weapon.

Once you complete all these steps, the Keelhauler Legendary Pistol and UC Prison Shuttle ship are yours. The Keelhauler is one of the best pistols in the game and will even send your enemies into a frenzy, thanks to its perks.

This walkthrough will also help you get acquainted with the Crimson Fleet, one of the more difficult factions in Starfield to join.

Infiltrate the Crimson Fleet & Meet Delgado

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to obtain the legendary pistol is to commit a crime which leads you to strike a deal with the UC Sysdef to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet.

  1. To start things off, you need to commit a crime. Any crime will do, so we suggest something simple like stealing an item. You will know an item is considered stolen because it will have a red icon next to it.
  2. After you commit a crime, a guard from UC Sysdef will approach you and take you to an interrogation room with Commander Kibwe Ikande, where you are offered a deal to cooperate with them.
  3. Accept his deal, and he will go on to explain how he wants you to become an undercover agent for the UC Sysdef.
  4. From here, players will need to complete two quests in order to reach the Echoes of the Past Crimson Fleet quest:
    • Deep Cover – Estimated 20 Minute Completion Time
    • Rook Meets King – Estimated 35 Minute Completion Time
  5. After you complete these two quests, you will be given the Echoes of the Past mission. This is the mission that will ultimately reward you with a new ship and the legendary weapon, Keelhauler.
Echoes of the Past Mission

Head to The Lock & Uncover Clues of Jasper Kryx

Head to the planet Suvorov in the Kryx System to meet Delgado, he’ll bring you on a mission where you need to infiltrate The Lock, an abandoned prison block, and look for clues related to Jasper Kryx alongside him and another rookie, Mathis.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is speak to Delgado in order to start your initiation into the Crimson Fleet. He will be waiting for you on the planet Suvorov in the Kryx System.
Delgado Starfield Echoes of the Past
  1. Once you speak with him, you will need to start to make your way to The Lock. There are a few enemies on the way, but nothing too difficult.
  2. As soon as you get to The Lock, you’ll go through some more dialogue with Delgado until the door finally opens.
The Lock Entrance Starfield
  1. Start looking for clues with Mathis. Unfortunately, as soon as you pass through the first door in the walkway, the building will begin to crumble and block your walkway.
  2. Proceed through the mission until you find the Control Room.
Control Room Starfield
  1. Once you finally reach the Control Room, you’ll get the chance to speak to Delgado again by using the intercom. He’ll task you with finding clues on Jasper Kryx and help open up a path for him to join you.
Intercom Starfield Echoes of the Past
  1. Use the Transfer Area Control Workstation to access the Security Controls in the Control Room in order to override the lockdown and open up the paths.
Transfer Area Control Workstation Starfield
  1. After you override the lockdown, you’ll need to find Jasper Kryx’s cell in the D-Block of the Prison in order to find the clue that Delgado mentioned.
  2. The quest marker will lead you to the Guard Tower. In the Guard Tower, you can access the Workstation in order to see the prisoner list for D-Block. Here, you can find Jasper Kryx’s cell number.
  3. From the Workstation, you will need to open the D-Block Switch Control file and choose to Unlock Section 03 Switch.
D Block Guard Post Workstation
  1. Head toward Jasper’s cell and interact with the lamp on the left. This will allow you to find the “Best Laid Plans” audio log.
Best Laid Plans Starfield

Defeat the Boss & Obtain UC Prison Shuttle Ship

Once you’ve obtained the clues, you’ll need to escape The Lock inside of a UC Prison Shuttle Ship, but first, you’ll need to defeat the area’s boss.

  1. Make your way to the Maintenance Access Computer in order to open Kryx’s escape tunnel and head to the Shuttle Bay.
Maintenance Access Computer
  1. Here, you’ll find another intercom that you can use to speak to Delgado. Tell him that you found information about Kryx’s Legacy.
  2. He will inform you about a ship in the Shuttle Bay that you can use to head back to The Key.
Intercom Starfield Echoes of the Past Shuttle Bay
  1. However, you will first need to defeat the Adolescent Grylloba Queen boss in order to have access to the ship.
  2. After you defeat this boss, you can board the UC Prison Shuttle and return to The Key.
Starfield Echoes of the Past Boss

Speak to Delgado & Obtain the Keelhauler

After you escape The Lock, you can speak to Delgado to complete the Echoes of the Past mission and obtain the Keelhauler as your reward.

  1. Once you land your ship, speak to Delgado to give him the clue that you found.
  2. This will end this mission and reward players with the Keelhauler, a legendary pistol.

Keelhauler Weapon Stats & Overview

The Keelhauler is a Legendary Pistol in Starfield that players can obtain by completing the Echoes of the Past mission from the Crimson Fleet Faction, here are the stats you may encounter when you obtain it:

Base Damage81
Magazine Size6
Fire Rate140
Accuracy 70.1%
Ammo Type.43 MI
Mod Slots6

It also has the following Legendary Effects:

  • Staggering – Small chance to stagger enemies.
  • Berserker – Does more damage the less armor one has.
  • Frenzy – Small chance to frenzy a target.

However, you can add mods that will increase its stats, as shown in the image below:

Keelhauler Legendary Pistol

It is a powerful weapon that players can use for the majority of the Starfield campaign, and its ability to send enemies into a frenzy really sets it up above other pistols.