If you want to get your custom loadout weapons as soon as you land in Warzone 2, here’s the best spot for you to land!

Having powerful guns gives you a huge advantage in Warzone 2. Therefore, you’ll want to get your hands on your custom weapon builds as soon as possible.

As you can purchase them from a Buy Station for $5000 each, all you need is $10,000, and you can purchase two custom weapons so you are fully set!

Luckily, there is a great spot where you can land in Al Mazrah to get up to $30,000 straight away. This will help you buy your custom weapon loadouts as fast as possible!

Best Place to Land in Warzone 2 For Instant Loadout Weapons & Easy Money

The best location to land in Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah map is Sawah Village as it has several buildings that can contain plenty of cash.

Additionally, the tall building to the east of the Buy Station can be a Black Site which you can sneak into immediately if you land on the roof!

Here’s how to earn loads of money as soon as you land in Warzone 2:

  • Land on the roof of the tall building to the east of the Buy Station in Sawah Village
  • If it is a Black Site, drop down to the balcony in the northwest corner. If not, you can loot it normally
    • You can get into the locked Black Site through the door on this balcony, and it will contain from $15,000 – $30,000
      • To get out of the locked Black Site, you will need to jump out of the window or off of the balcony
Sawah Village Get into Black Site
  • Next, head to the building exactly to the south-east
    • This can be an event building that will open just before the first circle closes or a Stronghold
      • If it is, then it can have another $10,000 – $30,000
      • If it is a regular building, it will still have some cash inside
  • Finally, head to the long building to the north of Sawah Village
    • This contains 6 cash registers, each containing a good amount of money
  • If you still need more money, loot the rest of Sawah Village – you’ll be able to find plenty more cash lying around and in boxes

Now that you know how to get loads of cash after you land in Warzone 2, you’ll need good weapons. Here are the best meta loadouts to dominate Warzone 2 lobbies!

Sawah Village Looting Map

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