In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Infinity Ward has released a new Irish-themed bundle within the in-game store. This bundle grants players green bullets in Modern Warfare, so here’s how to get it and use them.

So far, since the launch of this year’s Call of Duty installment, we’ve seen the likes of blue, red, pink, and now green bullets. Hopefully, this is just the start, and there will be even more tracer packs emerge in the store.

Modern Warfare Green Bullets

Modern Warfare Tracer Pack: Green Bundle

In order to get green bullets in Modern Warfare, you’ll need to purchase the Green Tracer Pack currently available within the store.

Tracer Rounds is the official term for colored bullets. They are available in the form of Tracer Packs, which offer a wide variety of cosmetic items.

Modern Warfare Green Tracer Pack

This bundle costs 1600 COD Points, but the ability to use green bullets on select weapons isn’t the only thing up for grabs. Once purchased, you’ll also receive a few other goodies. The contents of this bundle are as follows:

  • Snap Dragon Blueprint
  • Gangrene Blueprint
  • Leprechaun Charm
  • Uplinked Calling Card

You can only use green bullets on two weapons, RAM-7 and Desert Eagle. Once you have unlocked the Snap Dragon and Gangrene blueprints, you’ll need to equip these to the weapons – you can do this via the Armory section. After this, when you use either of these weapons in battle, you’ll be able to light your opponents in bright green.

Watch the video below to find out what green bullets actually look like in Modern Warfare.

There’s also another St. Patricks Day-inspired pack available in the store. Titled Clover and Out, this bundle allows players to celebrate St. Patricks Day in style with two shiny green weapon blueprints. Although this bundle, in particular, won’t change the color of your bullets, it’ll certainly make you stand out a little more on in Multiplayer, and even in Verdansk if you plan on using your custom through the Loadout Drops in Warzone.