Some lucky Pokemon GO players have got the brand-new Rotom form in Pokemon GO – Frost Rotom – but how can you get it?

Rotom is a very rare Pokemon that only ever appears in particular Pokemon GO events. In fact, it is so rare that only two of the six Rotom Forms had appeared in Pokemon GO until August 4, 2023, when Frost Rotom was first found.

Here’s how you can add the refrigerator-like, Electric/Ice-type Frost Rotom to your Pokedex!

How to Get Frost Rotom in Pokemon GO

To get Frost Rotom in Pokemon GO, you must attend one of the ticketed 2023 GO Fest events in Osaka, London, or New York. Then, take snapshots with your Buddy Pokemon until Frost Rotom photobombs your picture!

After Rotom photobombs your snap, it will appear on the world map, and you can catch it like any other Pokemon.

Here’s a step-by-ste guide on how to get this new Rotom form:

  • Purchase a ticket to the Osaka, London, or New York Pokemon GO Fest
  • Attend the GO Fest event
  • During the event, take a snapshot of a Pokemon
    • The easiest way to do this is by pressing the camera button at the top of the screen when you’re catching a wild Pokemon
  • Continue taking snapshots until Frost Rotom appears in one of the snapshot pictures
Frost Rotom Photobomb
A Frost Rotom Photobomb encounter. Credit: JT Valor
  • Go back to the world map, and Frost Rotom will have spawned nearby
  • Finally, tap on Frost Rotom and catch it!

Unfortunately, this means that Frost Rotom is exclusive for in-person GO Fest attendees, at least for now. Also, it is very unlikely that Frost Rotom will be available during GO Fest: Global.

As the Osaka and London GO Fest events have ended, the New York GO Fest is the only event left where Frost Rotom will be available.
Pokemon GO Frost Rotom

How Many Rotom Encounters Can You Get?

The amount of times you can encounter Frost Rotom through photobombs is limited to five per GO Fest event.

It is possible to get more than five of Frost Rotom, though. This can be done by trading with other players or attending more than one in-person GO Fest event.

Catch Frost Rotom Pokemon GO

Will Frost Rotom Be Available Outside of GO Fest?

Frost Rotom will almost certainly be available outside of GO Fest at some point, but this may be years away, judging by how Niantic released Wash Rotom.

Wash Rotom was the first Rotom Form in Pokemon GO and debuted during the in-person GO Fest events in 2020. However, it only became available for everyone two years later as part of Timed RTesearch during the 6th Anniversary event in 2022.

Meanwhile, Mow Rotom debuted in the 2022 GO Fest and has not been available to catch since!

Pokemon GO Anniversary Event Research How to Complete & Get Rotom
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