Brace yourselves for the Fortnite Supercharged event, where you’ll have the chance to earn an abundance of XP!

As the season draws to a close, the pressure to earn Battle Stars and unlock exclusive items in the Battle Pass is growing.

However, Epic Games has your back, making it easier than ever for you to make the most out of your Battle Pass and claim as many incredible items as possible. Get ready to level up like never before!

How to Get Supercharged XP in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

To obtain Supercharged XP, simply login to Fortnite, and the game will automatically add it to your account. You can enjoy 24 hours of Supercharged XP, which can be claimed daily until June 9, 2023.

The Supercharged XP will apply to all types of XP you earn, including challenges, match placements, and kills.

This makes it a super effective way to rank up, and if you are trying to complete the Coldest Circles quests, you can finish it at a quick pace!

Fortnite XP

What Is Supercharged XP in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Supercharged XP is a multiplier that will increase the experience you gain by 4x. This makes it so you will level up at four times the speed.

For example, opening a chest would normally provide you with 140XP, but with Supercharged active, you can earn 560XP per opened chest.

Fortnite Supercharged

How to Tell if Supercharged XP Is Active on My Account

There is no pop-up message stating that Supercharged XP is active. This means the only way to tell is by going into a match.

Once you earn XP, look to the left of the screen and above the leveling animation. Here you will see the words Supercharged above your level.

This event is lasting up until the next Fortnite season releases. This should give you plenty of time to level up!

Fortnite Supercharged XP
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