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How to Get Free Pokemon & Cosmetics in Pokemon Unite Lunar Event

Pokemon Unite has a new Lunar event for players to enjoy, and it’s offering free Pokemon licenses and cosmetics!

Although many fans believed Pokemon Unite to be Pay to Win when it first launched back in July 2021, the game has since proven itself to be anything but.

All Pokemon Unite licenses are purchasable with free Aeos Coins, and even the best items in the game can be leveled up quickly.

On top of that, Pokemon Unite gives players more than a handful of free Pokemon licenses, and more are on the horizon.

How to Get Free Pokemon & Cosmetics in Pokemon Unite Lunar Event

If you’re interested, we even know which Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next – and it’s a big one!

Recently, a massive new update brought Trevenant to Pokemon Unite. Find out where the new Ghost/Grass-Type belongs on our latest Pokemon Unite Tier List here!

Pokemon Unite Lunar Event – How to Get Free Unite Licenses & Outfits

In the new Pokemon Unite Lunar Event, players can get free Unite Licenses, cosmetic outfits, and more! Here’s how to claim the rewards:

If you’re looking to claim some free rewards in the ongoing Lunar event for Pokemon Unite, you’ll be happy to learn the process is incredibly simple:

  • Simply open Pokemon Unite every day to claim a free Log-In Bonus.
  • Players will get free rewards, including Unite License rentals, Aeos Tickets, and more on Day 1, 3, 5, and 7 of each week.
  • However, that’s not all! Save up the Celebration Gift tokens and you’ll be able to spend them in the Special Gift Store.
  • If you log-in every day of the event from now until February 23, you can potentially earn 40 Celebration Gifts.
  • Then, for 10 Celebration Gifts, you can claim a Fashion Selection Box. This unique item contains an outfit of your choosing from the Slowpoke Set, Magician Set, Firefighter Set, and Stakeout Set.
  • Alternatively, for some free Pokemon, consider the Unite License Box for 14 Celebration Gifts. This box will let you permanently unlock a Pokemon of your choosing for free in Pokemon Unite.

On top of that, each reward comes with a few bonus Aeos Tickets. And it’s easily the most generous offering we’ve seen Pokemon Unite offer players to date!

From what we can tell, you can even claim up to 2 Unite License Boxes, as you’ll have sufficient Celebration Gifts to do so. However, it’s not clear whether or not all Pokemon are acquirable through the item.

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Pokemon Unite Lunar Event - How to Get Free Unite Licenses & Outfits

Sylveon, Gengar, Lucario, and Decidueye all appear on the Lunar event page, however. If the choice is limited to just a few ‘mons, these are the most likely candidates.

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Meanwhile, the new Pokemon Unite January 20 update patch notes are turning the meta on its head!

We’re just glad to see that the new Lunar rewards are better than the scam Halloween Pumpkin Boxes!

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