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How to Get Free Pikachu Unite License in Pokemon Unite Mobile

Find out how to get a Pikachu Unite License for absolutely free in Pokemon Unite!

Pikachu might be the most popular Pokemon, but not everyone has bought the cute mascot’s Unite license yet. Luckily, a new promotion means that players will be able to get Pikachu for free.

This is great news for Pokemon fans as not only is Pikachu one of the most popular characters, but it also ranks well in our updated Pokemon Unite Tier List.

But before you find out how to unlock Pikachu, make sure you know how to unlock legendary Pokemon Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite too.

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How to Get Pikachu & Holowear For Free in Pokemon Unite

Getting Pikachu’s Unite license for free coincides with the upcoming Pokemon Unite mobile release date. Luckily, players can unlock it extremely easily too.

To celebrate the release of Pokemon Unite on mobile, the developer is giving players the chance to unlock the franchise’s mascot, Pikachu without spending any coins.

As 2.5 million players have now pre-registered for Pokemon Unite on mobile, there will be a log-in event that lets players get Pikachu for free.

This will probably be similar to the ’14-day Welcome Gifts’ event which rewards players for daily log-ins. Those rewards included Cinderace and Greninja Unite licenses.

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Additionally, if 5 million players pre-register for the mobile version of the game, everyone will also be able to claim free Holowear for Pikachu too. So what are you waiting for? Get everyone you know to pre-register!

As the Pokemon Unite mobile release date nears, a free Pikachu isn’t the only thing players have to look forward to. There are some new Pokemon joining the battle too:

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite players have found a great Drednaw strategy to help you win every game. You’ll want to use this in ranked.

Additionally, players have also found a simple Pokemon Unite trick to KO Zapdos easier. This will almost certainly help you turn the game around.

Finally, is Pokemon Unite pay to win? Many players seem to think so.

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