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How To Get Easy Team Wipes in Warzone Using This Simple C4 Trick

This simple C4 trick in Warzone will help you get easy team wipes.

C4 was a go-to for many Warzone players before it got nerfed. However, now could be the time to pick up the remote explosive again.

The nerf reduced the distance that C4 could be thrown and how quick it could be detonated. Although, this simple C4 trick lets you get easy team wipes in Warzone.

The Best Way to Use C4 in Warzone

The best way to use C4 is to find a helicopter that a team has been using or one that you think players would pick up later on in the game. You can then put a C4 on it and detonate it to explode an entire team.

You will be able to tell if someone is in the helicopter by looking at the mini-map. This makes this Warzone C4 trick extremely easy to do.

However, this won’t protect players if a Supply Chopper appears from under the ground to kill them.

warzone helicopter catch

If you can still see the white helicopter icon then nobody is in it. But if the icon is red or the icon is missing then you know that somebody is in it.

You can then press the detonate button to explode the vehicle and hopefully kill everyone inside. in Warzone, C4 can be detonated no matter how far away you are from it, which makes this trick super simple.

It’s best to use this trick with helicopters as the fall damage will kill any downed players who have self-revives. However, this strategy also works with vehicles like jeeps, buggies, and ATVs which can all be destroyed with a single C4.

However, trucks can’t be destroyed with only one C4. That was good news for this player who got the luckiest Warzone win ever thanks to a runaway truck.

Amazing C4 Team Wipe

The player in the video below used this Warzone C4 trick to great effect. He spotted that a team had flown a helicopter to the bunker next to prison so he jumped down and placed a C4 on it while they were still in the bunker.

When the players began to fly away in the helicopter, he detonated the C4 and killed all 4 of the enemy team. He could then pick up all of the loot the enemies had just grabbed from the bunker.

SCGSatheros Reddit

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