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How to Get Easy Lobbies in Warzone, According to NICKMERCS

Twitch streamer and YouTube personality NICKMERCS believes he's "cracked the code" on how to get easy lobbies in Warzone.

Since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, there have always been those players willing to do anything for an advantage in-game. As the game progressively grew harder, some people are growing desperate for wins, even going as far as to tank their SBMM in Warzone for easy matches.

But it turns out, this might not be the only way to get easier lobbies in Warzone these days. Some new research suggests that there's another way to get a leg-up on the competition.

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As NICKMERCS says though: "you're not gonna like the method..."

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How to Get Easy Lobbies in Call of Duty: Warzone

In a new video upload, NICKMERCS informs viewers exactly how to get easy lobbies in Warzone.

According to the streamer, NICKMERCS and other pro players were having rough game after rough game the other day. That is, until Jack "CouRage" Dunlop buys a bundle in the Warzone store.

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Right after that, the streamers have one of the easiest games in recent history, fighting against people who are "walking into walls".

"He buys a bundle the second game, we win again - same story," NICKMERCS confirms. "He buys a bundle before the third game - we win again! Three game win-streak, on stream."

Warzone Easy Lobbies

NICKMERCS even nearly beats his Warzone personal record in these easy lobbies, which goes to show just how good this technique may be if you're looking to slaughter the competition.

However, the streamer confirms that this method is not confirmed, and it could well have been chance. However, the Twitch pros continued to try this out over the next two days, and "every time we bought a bundle, for the most part, the lobby was much, much easier."

Spending Money in Warzone Gets You Easier Lobbies?

But does spending money in Warzone actually get you easier lobbies? If so, it'd explain why so many major streamers always seem to have every bundle in the store.

Recently, one member of the community did some research to see if Warzone streamers get easier lobbies in general.

It's worth noting that Activision does have a specific microtransaction patent that aims to match those who purchase items with those who do not have them. Since newer players are less likely to be spending money in-game, perhaps Warzone is matching the likes of NICKMERCS with beginner games, simply to show off the exclusive items.

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And NICKMERCS isn't the only streamer reporting on how to beat Warzone SBMM and get easy lobbies either. Already, fans are suspicious about Warzone pro-players ending up in Bronze lobbies, and now the trick may be revealed.

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Friday 26th of March 2021

So this guy gets a hard time in activision for cheating all the time .So he tells you how to exploit a game to get into easy lobbies to move up the ranks quicker up his K/D ratio so he looks more like a pro player to please his fans and he does this kissing the feet of activision because you have to spend money in the game to do it and thinks activision is going to let him get away with it. He thinks activision is going to parse him for it. I can give you links that shows Nick Mercs playing with plane out hackers to get wins he may put them down but never leaves them because it oblivious what he is doing riding the back of hackers which when he knows he can get away with he does himself . His best gaming friend at one time was Aydan who got a perma ban for exploiting the game and guess who aydan was playing with when he got baned in a torment.Guess what team became the top in Fortnite Nick and Aydan they fooled everybody but time always nick is trying to get in activisions good books to cheat to make activion money .What does Aydan do he goes back to fornite where he knows how to get away with cheating