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How To Get Easier Lobbies & Beat SBMM in Warzone

These are the best ways to get easier lobbies in Warzone and beat the current SBMM plaguing the battle royale.

Skill Based Matchmaking has always divided the player base. Some feel that it strengthens the player base, but others find it unfair sometimes.

This has led to controversy because there are ways to guarantee easier lobbies and actually beat SBMM.

Warzone Season 5 Last Stand

How Does Warzone SBMM Work?

Many streamers and content creators have tested SBMM and theorized this is how it works essentially:

  • Once you’ve played a few matches, the game will put you into a certain skill bracket.
  • After a match, the game will calculate how you did.
  • The skill bracket you are in will change depending on various stats from your last 5-10 matches.
  • When you launch Warzone and enter a match, SBMM will try to find a lobby in your skill bracket according to ping and latency.
  • If it can’t find a lobby within your skill bracket with acceptable ping, then it will open up to include other brackets.
    • This is where a lot of the controversy begins. Many players feel that they are paired up with players that are much higher skill level than them.
  • Once in a lobby, SBMM will divide up the players into what it thinks is a fair balance of skill.
  • If you are playing with a party, then it will take the average of all the members before placing you in a lobby.
    • It is speculated that being in a party also leads to easier lobbies.

However, Activision has never actually revealed exactly how Skill Based Matchmaking actually works.

But to get easier matches in Warzone, you’ll need to learn more about optimal playing times.

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How to Get Easy Lobbies in Warzone

To get easy lobbies in Warzone, try these methods:

  • Play early in the day. The most difficult lobbies are late into the night. JGod has stated that SBMM is much more strict from 8 PM to 2 AM.
    • This means that you’ll either get players from similar skill levels or even higher skill levels.
  • Another way that is heavily frowned upon by the community is to tank your K/D. This means purposely getting a bad K/D in games to eventually land in easier lobbies.
    • This is called reverse boosting and is not recommended. It will give you a bad reputation in the COD community.
  • Play with a full party of four. This will allow you to get easier lobbies, and if you have a few party members with bad K/Ds, then it could help even more.
  • Turn off crossplay.
    • If you’re on console, then you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to FOV. Those on PC might find they don’t enjoy playing against a console player and their aim-assist.
    • This may extend how long it takes to find a match for you and your party.
  • Use a VPN
    • Low-population servers, where there are fewer players trying to join a lobby, will generally put you in easier lobbies as well.
    • You can also technically use a VPN to make sure you always play during time zones off-peak hours.
    • This is also frowned upon in the community as it is seen as a form of boosting.

Once you’ve sorted out how to get easier lobbies, your next step should be using the best possible Graphic and Performance settings for Warzone to give you a boost against the competition!

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