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How to Get Early Access to Warzone Pacific Map Caldera

Activision presented yet another round of Warzone and Vanguard news unveiling Warzone Pacific. The information includes a way to get access to this map 24 hours before everyone else.

Today Activision hyped everyone on Twitter promising massive Vanguard and Warzone news drop.

After a brief fifteen-minute wait, the publisher did not disappoint.

A considerable amount of new details for Vanguard and Warzone is now out in the open.

An official release date for Warzone Pacific (Caldera) has been revealed. However, there is a way to play this sooner.

Warzone Pacific Map Village

Play Warzone Pacific Caldera 24 Hours Early

Following a common trend in the gaming industry, Activision are incentivising players to purchase Vanguard.

Vanguard owners get 24 hour exclusive access to the new Warzone Pacific Map on December 2nd.


All you need to do is own Vanguard, this presumably needs to be on the same platform you plan to be playing Warzone Pacific Caldera on.

It appears the early access will start on December 2nd with everyone else accessing 24 hours later.

How to Get Early Access to Warzone Pacific Map Caldera

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Although this seems a hefty price if you weren’t already planning to buy Vanguard, you can guarantee many will do this.

With the underwhelming Verdansk ’84 update, a brand new Warzone map has been a long time coming.

Overall Warzone has been an enormous success, but a new map tied in with the new incoming Ricochet anti-cheat is exactly what the game needs.

Activision has certainly been providing all the pending details for Vanguard.

Yesterday, the publisher revealed the launch file sizes and disk space required for Vanguard.

In addition to this, Call of Duty: Vanguard received official pre-load dates and times.

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Chris townley

Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Can I get early access with the disk version of vanguard?


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

@Chris townley, I'm trying with the disc version on PS5 but it says servers are sown for maintenance. I mean the event is supposed to be live at 13 its 12:22am I have disc version and I'm confused