The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta is just around the corner, and there’s a way for you to get early access to be among the first to play!

If you’re excited for the return of MW2 in 2022, you’re not alone. After the poor reception of Call of Duty Vanguard, fans around the globe are eagerly awaiting Infinity Ward’s next release.

It’s clear that Activision is going all-out on building hype for the upcoming game too. Not only did we get a very early Modern Warfare 2 reveal compared to previous titles, but some lucky gamers are even testing MW2 early!

Now with only a couple of months until the official MW2 release date, the hype train is truly leaving the station. But we won’t have to wait until October to go hands-on with the latest Call of Duty…

MW2 Ghost

How to Play Modern Warfare 2 Beta Early

To get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta, you must pre-order a copy of the game. Steps to get early access vary depending if you got a physical or digital pre-order:

  • If you pre-order digitally, the beta access will automatically be added to your account, and you don’t need to redeem any code.
  • If you pre-order a physical copy through a retailer, you will receive a code via email or printed on the retail receipt. Once you have this code, you will need to redeem it on the Beta Redeem section of the Call of Duty website.

But if you don’t want to pre-order, there are a few other ways to get your hands on a Beta code.

How to Get MW2 Beta Code

You can get a MW2 Beta Code in the following ways:

  • The easiest way to get a MW2 Beta code is by pre-ordering the game.
  • Activision also gave away 50,000 Modern Warfare 2 Beta codes to those who tuned into the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend. If you participated in this event, check your email and verify if you were one of the lucky winners.
  • Keep an eye on the CDL Twitter, in addition to the other Call of Duty channels, for any future opportunities.
MW2 F1 Map

On top of that, a number of content creators also appear to have been given codes to give out. Check-in with your favorite streamers, and you might just get lucky!

How Do I Redeem a CoD Beta Code?

How to Redeem MW2 Beta Code Beta Redeem section for Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta

When Can I Play MW2 Early Access?

Modern Warfare 2’s Open Beta early access weekend will take place from September 16-17 for PlayStation users exclusively, and September 22-23 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players.

For those who were not able to get Early Access, the MW2 Open Beta PlayStation exclusive weekend will take place on September 18 – 20, and September 24 -26 for Xbox, PC, and Playstation.

Check out the full Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta schedule and dates for both early access and regular players!

And for the PC players out there, make sure you know whether to buy MW2 on Steam or

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