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Modern Warfare Dogs

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Wondering where dogs are in Call of Duty Warzone? You’re probably not alone. The Warzone reveal trailer showed fans a first look at dogs in Modern Warfare, but fans are beginning to wonder how they can get them.

While we’ve seen references towards the existence of dogs through the Warzone trailer and past easter eggs, they’ve never been added into the game until now. If you think back towards the end of last year, Infinity Ward introduced an easter egg that featured Riley leading Santa’s sleigh through the air.

Modern Warfare Riley Santa's Sleigh

Dogs have been a staple within the Black Ops franchise, but not so much for Modern Warfare. Regardless, Activision has now confirmed that dogs are coming to the latest installment within the Call of Duty franchise.

Unfortunately, there’s only one type of dog that’ll be available in Modern Warfare. This dog is called Indiana and will be available in the new update coming tomorrow.

It’s possible for Infinity Ward to introduce various more dogs in the game. Some have speculated that other dogs will be available in Warzone through the use of a killstreak as seen in several other Call of Duty titles – but this is far from confirmed so we’ll have to wait and see what the developers have up their sleeve.

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Modern Warfare ‘Indiana’ Dog

Indiana is exclusive to the brand-new operator in Modern Warfare. In order to unlock Indiana, you will need to purchase the Talon Operator Bundle – which will be available in the in-game store at 10AM PT / 6PM GMT on March 24.

The bundle doesn’t just include Talon, but it also features a finishing move that allows him to call upon his dog to kill his enemies in style.

Modern Warfare Talon Operator

Indiana is essentially Talon’s pet, with trustworthy yet fierce characteristics. Once you have purchased the bundle, you will be able to use Indiana through Talon’s finishing move.

Indiana’s finishing move presumably works for both Multiplayer and Warzone. In fact, you can see Indiana in action via the official Warzone trailer. At time stamp 1:18, you can see the dog jump out and attack an enemy.

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