The Jewel Pokemon, Diancie, and its Mega Evolution have finally arrived in Pokemon GO, but not every player will be able to get it straight away!

However, if you are taking part in one of the Pokemon GO Fest 2023 events, then you’ll be able to get this brand-new Pokemon!

How to Get Diancie in Pokemon GO

To Get Diancie in Pokemon GO, you must first purchase a ticket for the 2023 Pokemon GO Fest: Global event.

Then, you need to complete step 4 of the GO Fest 2023: Fascinating Facets Special Research to earn an encounter with Diancie.

Previously, Diancie was also available through Research at the GO Fest Osaka, London, and New York events.

While Diancie will initially be exclusive for players who purchase a ticket for GO Fest, it will almost certainly be available for all players later down the line, similar to other ‘Mon that debuted during GO Fest events like Shaymin.

Pokemon GO Fest Diancie

How to Mega Evolve Diancie & Get Diancie Mega Energy in Pokemon GO

To Mega Evolve Diancie in Pokemon GO, you need 300 Diancie Mega Energy.

You will get 300 Diancie Mega Energy by completing step 5 of the GO Fest 2023: Fascinating Facets Special Research.

Plus, you can get additional Diancie Mega Energy by winning 2-Star Carbink Raids during GO Fest!

We assume that Mega Diancie will come to Pokemon GO Raids for everyone at some point in the future, however, there is no way of telling when this will be. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later!

Pokemon GO Mega Diancie
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