Diamonds are a rare and expensive material in Tears of the Kingdom, but getting one isn’t as hard as it might seem.

If you don’t fancy going on a mining trip and hoping one spawns, there are a couple of guaranteed ways to get a diamond. What’s more, one of these methods is extremely simple!

Easiest Way to Get a Diamond in Tears of the Kingdom

The easiest way to get a diamond in Tears of the Kingdom is in a chest in the Sihajog Shrine on Valor Island in the South Lanayra Sky Archipelago.

This shrine appears after completing the simple trial run of the Dive Ceremony there. Then you can enter the shrine and open the chest to get a diamond!

TOTK Valor Island Map

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get this diamond:

  • Activate the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower and go up the lift.
  • Paraglide northeast to Valor Island, coordinates: (4475, -0810, 1115)
    • Stop off at the smaller sky island on the way to regain some stamina before gliding the rest of the way.
TOTK Valkor Island Paragliding
  • Once you land on Valor Island, speak to the Steward Constuct and start the trial Dive Ceremony.
Valor Island Steward Contruct
  • Complete the trial Dive Ceremony by diving through all of the green hoops.
    • There is no time limit, so go as slow as you want and feel free to use your paraglider to make sure you don’t miss any rings.
Dive Ceremony TOTK
  • After you have completed the trial Dive Ceremony, the Sihajog Shrine will appear.
  • Go into the shrine and open the chest – it will contain a diamond.
TOTK Diamond in a shrine chest
  • Head into the shrine exit – there is no challenge, so you can simply claim the Light of Blessing.

Now that you’ve got a diamond, you can use the Tears of the Kingodm duplication glitch to get as many as you need!

Of course, there are also other ways to get diamonds in the game.

Where to Find Diamonds in TOTK

You can find diamonds by smashing the gold-sparkling rare ore deposits in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

However, diamonds are not guaranteed to drop from these deposits – you could get another ore like ruby, sapphire, and opal too.

Rare ore deposits are usually located in caves. These are three of our favorite spots for mining ore:

  • Walnot Mountain Cave (4226 -1739, 0181)
Walnot Mountain Cave Location TOTK
  • On the eastern cliffs of Death Mountain
    • Along the side of Death Mountain, on the east of the path upwards.
Death Mountian Diamond Location
  • Puffer Beach Overhead Cave (0284, -3851, 0034)
    • You must have some kind of Zonai device, like a rocket or a spring, to get up into this cave.
Puffer Beach Overhead Cave Location

You may also find a diamond in a chest throughout Hyrule, but this is very rare. Locations where you can get diamonds in chests include:

  • Yomizuk Shrine (4412, -0610, 0034)
  • Maoikes Shrine (2258, 0113, 0088)
  • Hyrule Castle Observation Room

If you are heading into Hyrule castle for the diamond, make sure you pick up the Royal Guard armor too!

Where to Buy Diamonds in TOTK

You can buy diamonds for 1000 Rupees each from Bladon and Gonguron’s stall in the center of Goron City. It is located at map coordinates (1643, 2444, 0381).

You can only buy three diamonds per day, so if you want to buy some more, rest at a fire or inn until the next day, and the stock should have replenished.

If you need some more money to buy diamonds, we’ve got just the trick. Find out the fastest way to farm Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom!

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