If you’ve noticed that players are running around with the Damascus Mastery Camo in Warzone 2 or MW2, here’s how to unlock the cosmetic for yourself.

For many Call of Duty players, enjoying Multiplayer action takes a backseat to the grind for weapon camos. After all, how else can you show off your hours logged in MW2, without your gun having the elusive Orion coating?

Back in Modern Warfare 2019, the camo everyone was grinding for was Damascus. And to get their hands on that, players had to unlock every camo for all of Modern Warfare’s base weapons.

Now though, getting your hands on Damascus is as simple as opening your wallets.

Damascus in Modern Warfare 2019

How to Unlock Damascus Camo in MW2 & Warzone 2

To get the Damascus camo in MW2 or Warzone 2, players will need to purchase the Tracer Pack: Damascus Forge 2 bundle when it becomes available in the in-game store.

The new bundle comes with a Damascus-themed Blueprint for the Chimera and the P890.

Seeing as one of those weapons is in the top 3 meta weapons in Warzone 2 right now, we imagine this will be a popular Blueprint very soon.

At the time of writing, the Damascus blueprints are not officially live, though leaks indicate that they should be appearing on January 10.


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Tracer Pack: Damascus Forge 2 Contents & Price

  • Chimera Blueprint – Superheat
  • P890 Blueprint – Molten Steel
  • Weapon Charm
  • Emblem
  • Sticker

The Damascus Forge 2 bundle will reportedly cost 1600 COD Points, the same as the previous Damascus Forge bundle.

Those who just got 2200 COD Points for half price will be glad they did!

The original Damascus Forge bundle is currently live in the Call of Duty Store. However, despite its style being reminiscent of the iconic camo, it does not have the original Damascus color scheme.

Thanks to YouTuber Thund3r for posting this full showcase of the original Damascus camo as it appears in the upcoming bundle.

How Do Warzone 2 & MW2 Players Have Damascus Camo Already?

If you’re seeing Damascus camos in your game already, chances are it originally came from a hacker. For a long time now, players using exploits have been able to unlock upcoming store content before it goes live.

Partner that up with this glitch that let players copy any camo that another player is using in MW2 & Warzone 2 and it might explain why Damascus is already out there in the wild.

With that in mind, the player you see using Damascus might not be a malicious user, just someone that took advantage of the camo glitch before it got patched.

And don’t miss another upcoming bundle that turns your Operator into a gorilla in MW2 & Warzone 2!

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