In addition to a host of other changes, the latest COD MW update has also introduced a brand new weapon known as the Crossbow. The weapon is available for free, although there’s a challenge you’ll need to complete first to unlock it. Here’s how to get the Crossbow in Modern Warfare.

In a recent Activision Blog post, the company described the Crossbow as a “super-sleek one-hit kill weapon.” With this in mind, it appears to be a little more effective than just the standard sniper rifle.

Aside from the Holger-26 and RAM-7, Infinity Ward hasn’t really introduced too many new weapons to the game. Unlike these two, the Crossbow can be unlocked from completing a challenge rather than grinding through tiers.

COD MW Crossbow Challenge

If you head over to the Marksman Rifles tab in the Loadout menu, it mentions the Modern Warfare Crossbow challenge. According to the tab, you will need to do the following in order to unlock the weapon.

  • Using a Marksman Rifle with a Reflex Optic, get 5 kills in 25 different matches.
Modern Warfare Crossbow
Modern Warfare Crossbow

Overall, this doesn’t appear to require too much effort. A Markman Rifle is usually some players’ first choice of weapon anyway.

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If you wish to customize your Crossbow, it seems as though you can add camos to the weapon. As noted by Reddit user u/_Letum_, a Platinum and Damascus camo are available for it.

This showed up after a match of gunfight before updating from r/modernwarfare

In addition to this, there also appears to be an in-game bundle available called the “Artic Beast.” This features an “Ice Lance” blueprint for the Crossbow among an array of other cosmetic items. The “Ice Lance” legendary blueprint offers a wintery take on the weapon, tieing in nicely with the theme of the bundle.

Modern Warfare Crossbow "Ice Lance" Blueprint
Modern Warfare Crossbow “Ice Lance” Blueprint

Hopefully, this won’t be the last post-launch weapon in Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward will likely follow suit with new guns in Season 2.