Season 3 of MW2 and Warzone 2 is releasing two brand new weapons into the game, including the Cronen Squall.

This semi-automatic battle rifle has an “exceptional damage output” and is designed for long-distance shooting.

How to Unlock the Cronen Squall in Warzone 2 & MW2

To unlock the Cronen Squall, you must complete the correct Season 3 Battle Pass sector in MW2 and Warzone 2.

The weapon will come at no cost with the Cronen Squall is located in the C11 sector of the Battle Pass.

Like the free weapons, KV Broadside and ISO Hemlock, from Season 2, completing its sector may take 15-20 tokens.

The new BlackCell Battle Pass Bundle offers players 20 Battle Pass tokens upon purchase, making this a quick way to unlock the weapon.

Furthermore, players can also unlock this weapon by looting it from an enemy or having a friend drop it in DMZ and extracting with it.

Once the battle pass has been revealed, we will update this article with the exact location of this weapon.
Cronen Squall

Also, when Season 3 ends, the Cronen Squall will be obtainable through an in-game challenge. The exact challenge will be revealed when it is available.

Additionally, in the future, the weapon will likely be available by acquiring a blueprint from purchasing a store bundle.

Season 3 will also bring back an iconic sniper rifle from a previous Call of Duty game; make sure you also know how to obtain this weapon!

Every Way to Unlock the Cronen Squall

These are all ways to unlock the Cronen Squall battle rifle in Warzone 2 or MW2:

  • Complete its Battle Pass sector
  • Extract the gun in DMZ
  • Purchase its Store Bundle
  • Complete an in-game challenge (after Season 3)
Soldiers Akhdar Village

Fastest Way to Unlock the Cronen Squall

The fastest way to unlock the Cronen Squall is by having a friend who already has the weapon load into a DMZ match with you.

In the game, the friend will drop the weapon and allow you to pick it up. Extract with the gun, and you will have it permanently unlocked.

This method has worked previously for weapons such as the ISO Hemlock and the KV Broadside, although finding someone with the gun early in the season, may be the hardest part.

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