Diablo 4 allows players to improve their Legendary Armor to increase their stats, but they’ll need to obtain the Coiling Ward material to upgrade them fully.

Unfortunately, Coiling Wards aren’t the easiest material to come by. Finding them is relatively simple, but you must sacrifice some important items to get them.

Here is how to get Coiling Wards in Diablo 4 to help you upgrade your Legendary Armor:

How to Get Coiling Ward in Diablo 4

Players will receive one Coiling Ward in Diablo 4 every time they salvage a Legendary Armor that has a power level of at least 400 in the Blacksmith.

The best way to get Legendary Armor is to progress through the different dungeons and defeat large groups of enemies while opening various chests.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to get Coiling Wards in Sanctuary. None are given out as rewards or anything similar.

This means you’ll need to sacrifice at least two 400+ Legendary Armors from your inventory to obtain materials to upgrade your Legendary Armor.

Thankfully, salvaging isn’t difficult to do by any means, but it is unfortunate to have to lose a piece of Legendary Armor.

Coiling Ward Diablo 4

You’ll only need Coiling Wards to reach the final upgrade for Legendary Armor. This means that the first three upgrades won’t require Coiling Wards.

Thankfully, players will run into plenty of Legendary items while progressing through Sanctuary. Always salvage any Legendary Armor you have outgrown or will no longer use.

This will give you Coiling Wards and ensure you unlock their appearance for Transmog. You’ll get more than enough Gold by simply selling any Rare items or lower that you no longer need.

How to Use Coiling Wards

Players can use Coiling Wards to upgrade their Legendary Armor to its max level. This is done by visiting any Blacksmith.

  1. Head to the Blacksmith.
  2. Head to the Upgrade Item tab.
  3. Choose the Legendary Armor (with a power level of at least 400) you wish to upgrade.
  4. Preview the item and ensure it’s what you want.
  5. Pay the Gold alongside the remaining materials to upgrade your item.
    • Players will need 20 Rawhide, 8 Superior Leather, 6 Vieled Crystals, and 2 Coiling Wards for this final upgrade.

That is how you use Coiling Wards in Diablo IV to improve your Legendary Armor and ensure you are well prepared for Sanctuary’s dangers.